Activated Charcoal January 06 2023

Vegetable charcoal is an ancestral natural product against digestive discomfort, poisoning and, poisoning. Nowadays, it is also used in cosmetics to purify the skin or tint make-up. The advantage of activated vegetable carbon is its strong adsorbing power. Vegetable charcoal is obtained in two steps, the objective being to form a multitude of pores in the charcoal to increase its adsorption capacity. The second step is activation. The plant material is burnt again at lower temperatures, in the presence of water vapor and gas. This second step allows the formation of an immense network of micropores: activated vegetable carbon is obtained. Activated charcoal can come from many species of trees but we prefer charcoal from coconut shells with very small pores and therefore very absorbent. The benefits of activated carbon are not due to active ingredients since it is mainly composed of carbon but are due to its porosity. Porosity greatly increases the surface area of charcoal and according to researchers, it would allow it to adsorb about 100 times its volume! So, it is particularly suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Charcoal cleanses, detoxifies, and purifies the skin, absorbing toxins and impurities that cling to our protective barrier and the bacteria that multiply there. It is also very popular as a coloring agent, it is a very black pigment that is found in mascaras and black eyeliner pencils. Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth. To do this, you must moisten your toothbrush and dip it into charcoal powder. Brush and rinse with clean water. You can add a drop of lemon or field mint essential oil to your toothbrush. However, do not do this treatment more than once a week and ask your dentist for advice. All teeth whitening damages tooth enamel. In addition to its whitening action, activated vegetable charcoal captures bad odors for fresh breath. You can fill a small cup with charcoal to absorb bad smells from a refrigerator, toilet, or trash can for example.

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Aloe Vera January 06 2023

Such a famous plant! Aloe Vera is popular as an indoor plant or as a healthy ingredient in cosmetics or drinks. You can buy it in gel or powder and even in fresh leaves. This succulent plant from the Liliaceae family is native to Africa, although for several years it has been found in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. To enjoy all the benefits of Aloe Vera, we use the pulp of the leaf made up of clear mucilage. Be careful not to confuse the pulp with the latex potentially toxic, irritating, and strongly laxative. The clear, almost transparent pulp is extracted by cutting Aloe vera leaves in half, while the yellow latex is the leaf sap that drains from the leaf when it is cut. Mainly composed of water, it contains many minerals, enzymes, vitamins, mucopolysaccharides, amino acids, and antioxidants. Last but not least, the pH of Aloe vera is around 4-5, close to the skin which is 5.5. It thus preserves the natural balance of the skin and hair! Applied pure, the gel will form a protective film to retain hydration. But too much of it, you risk a rather unpleasant cardboard effect. Thanks to its high water retention capacity and its richness in nutrients, it moisturizes and softens the epidermis for a baby's skin effect. It also stimulates cell regeneration promoting the disappearance of scars or preventing the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to this property, it is anti-inflammatory and relieves minor injuries such as small burns, sunburns, irritation after shaving, wounds, and cuts, but also for skin reactions such as eczema, psoriasis, and urticaria. or herpes! If there is an open wound, wait until the bleeding has stopped before applying Aloe vera gel. Very often when a product has so many benefits on the skin, it also has some on the hair. This is the case with Aloe Vera which cleanses the roots and repairs split ends, to find supple and silky hair. Sanitizing the scalp helps fight against hair loss, dandruff, or itching. Finally, it facilitates disentangling and brings volume and shine to the hair. Aloe Vera gel can be kept for a short time in gel form so prefer to keep it in the refrigerator, its use will be all the more pleasant. If you make your gel yourself, you can keep it for a maximum of 15 days in the refrigerator, if you notice a change in color, smell, or texture, it is no longer good and you need to change it.

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Apricot Kernel Oil January 06 2023


Apricots were first cultivated in China and Central Asia as early as 2000 B.C. Traders traveling The Great Silk Road spread these radiant yellow-orange fruits throughout Europe and Asia. The kernel, which looks very much like an almond is the source of this delightful plant oil. Similar in properties to almond oil, apricot has a light, soft texture. Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid to our biological process, makes 34% of the oil. Apricot kernel oil is excellent for mature skin with its nourishing, revitalizing, and emollient properties. Abundant in vitamin E, apricot protects from the damage of free radicals and prevents oxidation of the cell membranes. The oil also contains phytosterol beta-sitosterol which calms irritation and fights inflammation while also strengthening the protective barrier function of the skin.


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Argan Kernel Oil January 06 2023


Cold-pressed from the nuts of the Argan tree, this oil deserves its reputation as a “Liquid gold”- a perfect treat for skin and hair. Historically, the fruits of the tree have fed livestock long before man discovered the anti-aging and regenerative properties of the oil. The so-called “argan goats” skillfully climb into the trees to munch on the nuts looking happy and amazing.

The benefits Argan oil offers humans are even more impressive, numerous, and well-proven. Indigenous to Morocco, the trees adapted to the harsh environment thriving in desert conditions. The oil performs similar moisturizing, restorative, and protective functions for people by increasing the elasticity of skin and hair, as well as their resistance to strong sun, heat, and dry air. Because of its lightness, argan oil soaks into the tissue without feeling greasy. Emollient and nourishing, this precious liquid plays a role in regulating sebum production making it ideal for treating problematic skin including acne, scar tissue, and stretch marks. Argan oil improves the scalp and overall condition of the hair in some cases even promoting its growth

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Avocado Oil January 06 2023

The oil derived from the Avocado fruit is cold pressed from the flesh that surrounds the seed, similar to olives. Given its high nutrient content and multitude of beneficial properties, Avocado oil is a popular ingredient in skin and hair care as well as in cooking.

All layers of skin tissue benefit from its power- it moisturizes and nourishes the outer surface (stratum corneum) while increasing collagen content in the middle layer (dermis). In doing so, avocado oil improves the barrier functions of the skin, strengthens the cells, and calms inflammation. In addition, it effectively heals damaged tissue and prevents the appearance of age spots.

We add it to shampoo bars because of its high content of “unsaponifiables” such as vitamins, phospholipids, and amino acids. Resistant to the saponification process, these compounds render some of the oil’s properties to the shampoo bar resulting in a smooth scalp, stronger roots, and reduction of hair loss. Another reason we love Avocado oil and utilize it in several of our formulas is its high content of carotenoids and antioxidants. They provide natural protection against the damaging effects of sun rays and slow down skin aging.


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Babassu Seed Oil January 06 2023

Babassu seed oil comes from the nuts of the tree of the same name. Originally from Amazonia, Babassu is a palm tree whose oil has been used by the Mayas since ancient times. It has as many cosmetic benefits as it does food. Babassu's ecological impact is very different from the unloved palm oil. Babassu oil is made from nuts harvested from trees growing in the wild. A law authorizing the gathering has been adopted in several Amazonian states where Babassu grows so that local populations can feed their families and thus contribute to the economy of the community. These measures also preserve the species by prohibiting deforestation, the use of pesticides, and the exploitation of crops. Thus, unlike palm oil, Babassu vegetable oil supports local populations and preserves the environment.

Babassu oil has a slightly nutty scent and is solid at room temperature, but it thins quickly in contact with the fingers. Babassu oil also called Babassu butter gives a smooth cream that easily penetrates the epidermis. This fine oil is very penetrating and film-forming thanks to its lauric acid content, so it is a very good massage oil that does not leave a feeling of a greasy film. Soft and emollient, it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It protects and prevents dehydration of the skin.

Its high concentration of tocotrienols also gives it antioxidant, anti-free radical, and anti-aging properties to fight against the aging of the skin.

Effective on the skin, it also has excellent benefits for the hair. Its protective and film-forming action prevents dehydration of the hair while restoring shine and vigor. Its richness in lauric acid gives it an excellent affinity for hair fiber.

Thanks to its lauric acid content, it is ideal for making homemade cold saponification soaps, with high foaming power.

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Baobab Seed Oil January 06 2023

Symbol of Senegal, the baobab is an imposing and solid tree that represents life and fertility within African tribal tales. This tree produces fruits whose seeds are pressed to obtain a vegetable oil rich in essential fatty acids, much appreciated in cosmetics. With more than 70% unsaturated fatty acids, baobab oil contributes to good skin renewal and healing including stretch marks. The baobab seed oil has traditionally been used for topical application to wounds and damaged skin. It hydrates and nourishes the epidermis in-depth, and its properties apply to your skin as well as to your hair, giving interest to skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis or dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. Thanks to its essential fatty acid content, this oil regenerates the hydrolipidic film, softening and restoring elasticity to the skin. Added to this, it has an antioxidant effect thanks to its content of beta-sitosterol and tocopherol. Baobab vegetable oil helps to protect the skin and the body from attacks by free radicals limiting cell oxidation and preventing skin aging. Baobab oil liquefies at 25° C and has a gentle nutty smell.

Beeswax January 06 2023

For thousands of years, humankind has benefited from the wax that makes up the food storage system of honeybees called honeycomb. Its applications vary, although historically, beeswax has been most sought after by healers and artists. However, ant reference to wax before the 19th century refers to that made by bees. Naturally, it requires little processing as beekeepers melt the honeycombs in boiling water which acts as a filter by allowing solid impurities to sink to the bottom. Interestingly, bees can create white or yellow was depending on the type of flowers they visit to collect their resources. 

Most cosmetic companies prefer processed wax that has been altered from fragrant Yellow to white which has no odor and neutral, white color. We prefer yellow as it was not intentionally bleached and dearomatized. We never miss a chance to breathe in the honey-like aroma of yellow wax blocks or granules. For our purposes, the wax acts as a thickener, antioxidant, and emulsifier. You may find it in our very first soap - Bee Happy and in all of the balms we make. Some people avoid animal waxes altogether because of their origin and connection to the continuous animal exploitation by members of human society.   

The debate on beeswax and veganism can be tough to argue if one must choose a side, More importantly, people must consider whether the wax they plan to use is naturally derived from plants and animals or a synthetic version. Naturally occurring waxes are better simply because the human body can recognize them as what they are making them much more compatible with physiologic functions.

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Benzoin Essential Oil January 06 2023

Benzoin is a resin obtained from Styrax tonkinensis, an Asian tree that can reach 35 meters high. This tree naturally grows in Laos, Thailand, and northern Vietnam where its resin was traditionally used by indigenous tribes as incense for its sacred virtues. Benzoin resin was also used as a purifying, regenerating, and promoting decongestion of the respiratory tract thanks to its expectorant action. These virtues are still appreciated today and we find today the resin in many dermatological or respiratory balms.

Benzoin, a yellow to brown resin is collected by incising the trunks of trees at least 7 years old. Then an alcohol extraction makes it possible to obtain an absolute - a solution that contains a large proportion of olfactive molecules.

Benzoin is widely used nowadays in perfumery for its balsamic, sweet vanilla, and caramel notes. It is also appreciated as an odor fixative and it is a major component of several major brand perfumes. Its amber fragrance brings sweet, spicy, and oriental notes for a comforting and warming scent. It marries wonderfully with the most beautiful oriental perfumes. Benzoin is a base note in perfumery, which means its smells with the best resistance over time.

If it is appreciated for its fragrance, Benzoin also helps soothe nervous tension and promotes relaxation and meditation. The fragrance of Benzoin acts on the psycho-emotional level by targeting the nervous system. According to people, it will have a calming or stimulating effect. It is particularly recommended in cases of anxiety, depression, fatigue, or difficulty falling asleep.

Benzoin has skin regeneration properties, therefore helps in healing and skin reconstruction of weakened skin. It promotes skin repair, cleansing, and regeneration. This soothing and toning extract helps calm sensitized skin and preserve its suppleness. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and warming effects, this resin participates in the preparation of the muscles for the effort.

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Blood Orange Essential Oil January 06 2023

Pressed from the peel of ripe Sicilian oranges, this oil offers sweet, citrusy, and fruity top notes with radiant, sensuous undertones. The scent is joyful, warming, and familiar.

Overall, blood orange is a soothing tonic. When diffused in a room or applied in massage and baths, it acts as a potent antidepressant and relieves anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Spasms are well treated with this essential oil because it relaxes the muscles and the nervous system. Psychologically, blood orange can be cheering and uplifting, evoking pleasant memories and smiles. It reduces fear of the unknown and self-doubt while increasing inner peace and optimism.

Blood orange essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties effective on all kinds of inflammation internal or external. It also helps in reducing headaches or migraine pain. Use it to massage your forehead to relax your body and your mind.

This essential oil helps collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin. It is suitable for irritated and dry skin and also acne-prone skin. 

Blood orange oil can be used moderately in cooking especially to flavor chocolate, candy, and other desserts. It helps to detoxify your body by stimulating the kidneys, the bladder, and the lymphatic system. It is diuretic and eliminates toxins like excessive salt, and uric acid so it also helps reduce cellulite.

Thus, blood orange essential oil helps the digestive system by increasing digestive juices and enzymes but also hormones and menstruation. It helps in removing excess gas which causes discomfort and trouble. This essential oil works as a tonic for the body, it tones up or smoothens the functioning of different organs of the body. In general, it keeps the metabolic system in great shape and boosts immunity, and helps the body to fight infections.

Finally, it can refresh the vacuum bag, the bin, or the fridge and it is even more effective if you add a few drops of blood orange to a tablespoon of baking soda. Then, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your household products to give them a fresh and natural fragrance.

It is considered gentle enough to be used on children but it should be avoided on the skin before direct sun exposure because of its photosensitizing properties.

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Broccoli Seed Oil January 06 2023

Did you know that broccoli is not just food? Broccoli seed oil is growing in popularity thanks to its effects similar to silicones without the negative health inconvenience. Broccolis are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, even more, when the plant is at the sprout stage. To maximize profits by preserving all these nutrients, the oil is made by a cold-pressing process from sprouted seeds. The oil obtained is composed of nearly 50 % of erucic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. The sebum - the natural protector of the skin and the hair - is composed of 30 % of omega-9 fatty acid so the broccoli seed oil is very compatible with our bodies. In addition to its high moisturizing power, this oil is quickly absorbed as a non-greasy finish. The broccoli seed oil penetrates deeply into the skin that helps maintain skin elasticity and flexibility and creates a protective lipid film. Thus, if you have dry hair, dry skin, or mature skin, broccoli seed oil can become your flagship product. Then, if you appreciate the aspect of silicon-based products but you don’t want to put a synthetic ingredient in your body, broccoli seed oil could be a great alternative. In addition, silicon creates a barrier that hides the bad condition of the skin and the hair but the natural oil deeply nourishes the skin. Finally, the oil can help you tame flyaways, frizz, and split ends while bringing shine to your hair.

Borage Seed Oil January 06 2023

Oh, Borage, what a beautiful, delicate flower. It gifts mankind with precious oil we learned to extract by cold pressing the seeds. This light, pale, liquid stands out in the skincare world with its unique chemical structure and the beneficial properties that result from it. Borage seed oil boasts the highest content of a Fatty acid known as Gamma linoleic (GLA) which makes up a quarter of its composition. Among other things, this relatively rare compound rejuvenates and firms the skin, reducing the effects of aging by preventing wrinkles as well as the loss of moisture and elasticity. The oil also contains various phytochemicals and other nutrients that stimulate cellular activity and reduce inflammation. That makes Borage effective against pain in the joints and soft tissues. Furthermore, it soothes sun damage and protects from free radicals because of the strong antioxidant Ferulic acid. Another key property of this oil is the dry feeling it renders on the skin due to its lightness and high content of tannins. That also contributes to the astringent nature of Borage expressed through reducing the size of pores and through the overall skin tonic effect.

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Bulgarian Lavender Hydrosol January 06 2023

Lavender hydrosol has fresh, floral top notes and slightly green undertones. Like the essential oil, lavender hydrosol possesses wonderful balancing properties harmonizing dry and oily skin types. Lavender Officinalis hydrosol has similar properties to its essential oil and can be used by everyone. It soothes as much the mind as the skin. It can thus calm restless adults and children alike. It is a good choice to use for babies and young children. The presence of linalool and linalyl acetate in this hydrosol promotes relaxation, thus fighting against stress and nervous agitations. It can help you fall asleep with insomnia due to this nervousness or relieve migraines. Lavender hydrosol also calms insect bites, sunburns, heat rashes, cuts, wounds, ingrown hairs, or acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic activity. Indeed, Lavender hydrosol promotes the healing of superficial wounds by accelerating skin regeneration. You can vaporize the hydrosol or freeze it to calm the sunburn fire. In vaporization behind the ears and the neck, the hydrosol keeps lice away or in spraying on the body it keeps fleas and ticks away.

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Calendula Flower Extract January 06 2023

Calendula flowers evoke beautiful summer days as they open and close in conjunction with the appearance of the sun. Already known and used in Antiquity by Arabs, Greeks, and Indians for its medicinal properties, Calendula is well-known for the care of damaged skin. It is employed to soothe and calm fragile and sensitive skin, to repair and soften irritated skin. Thanks to its healing and antibacterial action, it helps to treat skin problems like redness, inflammation of the skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne, itching, and also cradle cap in infants or cracks appearing during breastfeeding. Calendula contains faradiol esters including faradiole, 3-myristic faradiol, and 3-palmitic faradiol. These compounds are recognized for their powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect. In the context of external lesions, calendula soothes wounds, sunburns, and light burns but it also heals them by regenerating the skin. Thanks to its content in antioxidants, Calendula extract is a powerful anti-aging ingredient for mature skins. Antioxidants fight against free radicals responsible for cell degeneration which leads to sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. To benefit from the virtues of Calendula, the dried flowers macerate in oils. During this process, active molecules migrate from flower to oil. A few plants are not rich enough in lipids to extract oil from them but they have interesting virtues that would not be found in essential oils. So maceration is the solution to extract the plant properties.

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Camelina Seed Oil January 06 2023

Camelina vegetable oil has a golden yellow color and the characteristic smell of green vegetables. Its composition rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, gives it highly appreciated culinary and cosmetic properties. This oil has a composition similar to linseed oil. It promotes a nutritional balance to fight against cardiovascular and cerebral problems. It is rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant providing skin healing, and regenerating benefits that help fight wrinkles and signs of aging. Indeed, antioxidants fight against free radicals responsible for cell damage. The essential fatty acids of camelina oil participate in the reconstruction of cell membranes and mature, wrinkled skin but also dry, damaged, and sensitive skin particularly appreciates it. Very rich in omega-3, Camelina oil has anti-inflammatory properties, both externally, on the skin, as well as internally. Therefore it helps soothe damaged and irritated skin and acts against small redness of the skin. Camelina oil is good for nutrient-poor, dry, and brittle hair. Its fatty acids strengthen the hair fiber to make them more solid, shinier and protect them from external aggressions. Its composition is similar to that of skin and hair lipids, rich in omega 6 and 9, and therefore penetrates quickly for a nourishing and softening effect. Camelina oil is very sensitive to oxidation so it is best to consume it quickly after opening, within 6 months maximum. It is also sensitive to high temperatures and should be used in cold seasoning or cold saponification so as not to alter its benefits.

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Candelilla Wax January 06 2023

Candelilla wax is secreted by the leaves of Candelilla or Euphorbia Cerifera, a shrub in northern Mexico. These plants secrete a thin layer of wax to protect against water loss. Its richness in long-chain hydrocarbon compounds and waxy esters make it a very hard and brittle wax, with a fairly high melting point of nearly 70°C. It facilitates the release, drying, and holding of cosmetics and it has excellent film-forming power which protects damaged lips.

This wax is extracted by immersing the leaves in boiling water. The wax that collects on the surface of the water is then heated over low heat to remove the aqueous residue.

Candelilla wax is very pleasant on the skin because it does not stick and mixes very easily with oils. It revitalizes hair, restores shine and support, and facilitates disentangling.

In cosmetics, candelilla wax is mainly used in lip balms, lipsticks, and mascaras as a substitute or combination with carnauba wax or beeswax. But it is also used for the maintenance of floors, wood, cars, or even leather as a polishing agent.

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Castor Seed Oil January 06 2023

We really enjoy incorporating unique oils and waxes into our products, especially if they seem strangely versatile in their application. That is the case with castor oil - the web is filled with articles and infographics about the wonderfully multipurpose nature of this thick & sticky substance extracted from one of the most beautiful & magnetic plants I know of. I can only speak to its potential from experience, so I will leave detailed research for an article in our blog post. So far I have extracted about 33 reasonable and well-documented uses of the oil. Frankly, if I did not reduce my list by cutting redundant and misleading info, there could have easily been 50 ways to make it work for your benefit. 

Most people know that it is a powerful agent of change in the body, so I have not ingested it nor neither do I ever plan to consume it unless I am severely constipated or suffer an infestation of parasites in my digestive tract and intestines. I don't want to mention how it was used in torture chambers during WW2, but the fact it has killed many people by dehydrating them to a point of no return only illuminates its potency and demands the respect of those who seek to benefit. 

What is so unique about the magic beans that contain castor oil is the chemical composition that allows it to work in its many mysterious ways. Made up largely of ricinoleic fatty acid, this dense and sticky oil, among other things known to:

  • boost emulsions by helping other ingredients bind together. For example, I first tried it in cold processes soap making seeking its famous property of boosting the amount of lather, and let me tell you
  • it does it not only in turns of bubbly volume but also stability as ricinoleic fatty acid boosts its other sudsy friend's coconut and any palm-derived oil. A stable dense lather is characterized by a creamy texture and small bubbles that can easily fill your palms.

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    Cera Bellina Wax January 06 2023

    Cera Bellina wax is modified beeswax, naturally made by bees. Obtaining beeswax requires little processing as beekeepers melt the honeycombs in boiling water which acts as a filter by allowing solid impurities to sink to the bottom. Then esterification of the free fatty acids forms the more hydrophilic Cera Bellina wax. 

    Thanks to its greater affinity with water, it favors emulsion, which means that it allows the formation of mixtures between aqueous liquids and immiscible oily liquids. This natural wax is used to prepare balms and creams with a very supple and creamy texture. It prevents the crystallization of oils and thickens the preparations homogeneously. In addition, it maintains a good dispersion of the components of the products, increasing their shelf life. For example, it maintains the uniformity of pigments in makeup. It is widely used in natural cosmetics in body balms, lip balms, creams, or candles.

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    Cocoa Seed Butter January 06 2023

    The deep, authentic scent of this organic, raw butter can be compared only to the most exclusive, artisanal chocolates, and yet, its complexity often surpasses expectations. Opening its storage container immediately releases the magic smell causing waves of positive emotions and memories associated with true chocolate. For those reasons, we vouch to never buy processed, deodorized cocoa butter typically used in cosmetic products. We source the best, unprocessed, food-grade, aromatic block of goodness that everybody benefits from...

    Extracted from the flesh and seeds of the cocoa plant pods, the raw butter includes more unsaponifiable compounds including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals that nourish and improve our skin. We use it in whipped body butter, massage bars, and shampoo bars because of its humectant, protective and emollient properties. Rich in saturated fatty acids, cocoa butter is very hard at room temperature, but it conveniently begins to melt by the body’s temperature when handled. Applied directly to the skin, it leaves a thin layer that protects both from harsh sun rays and moisture loss. Because of its composition, the butter is not easily absorbed by the skin. However, that makes it ideal for use during pregnancy or after childbirth to prevent and repair stretch marks.

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    Cocoa Powder January 06 2023

    Cocoa comes from the cocoa tree 4 to 8 meters high. Native to Central America, this tree grows naturally in the tropics where it is cultivated. Some of the flowers give pods that contain cocoa beans. Several manufacturing steps are necessary to reduce them to powder. The beans are generally roasted before being crushed and then pressed to obtain the cocoa butter on one side and a solid cake on the other side. This cake is sieved to obtain the cocoa powder. Cocoa is naturally rich in antioxidants: polyphenols, and vitamin E which fight against oxidative stress and cellular aging. 50 times richer in polyphenol than grape seed, cocoa helps fight free radicals and slows down skin aging. Cocoa has slimming virtues thanks to its theobromine and caffeine content, which attack adipose cells and facilitate fat loss. Then, cocoa is well-known for promoting well-being by reducing stress and acting as a natural anti-depressant. The mere smell of cocoa is enough to put our brains into ecstasy, secreting endorphins and serotonin, the pleasure hormones.

    Coconut Oil January 06 2023

    The unique characteristics of this oil make it an ideal ingredient in cosmetics, especially soapmaking. It also gained popularity because of its health benefits and versatility in the kitchen, especially for baking. Coconuts can be found relatively easily and inexpensive worldwide even though it originates from the tropics. Those factors contribute to the rising global demand while people find even more ways to make use of its beneficial properties industrially and at home. For example, coconut oil can handle high temperatures and its chemical structure make it easy to absorb by the digestive system. It has a whitening effect on the teeth and the main fatty acid gets converted by our bodies to a substance known to kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria. As a saturated oil, coconut has softening, moisturizing and protective properties for the skin. It contains various nutrients like vitamin D as well as other compounds that act as sunscreen. Because of that, many choose coconut to get a deeper tan without drying out or damaging the skin. Coconut oil contributes to both skin and hair when it comes to elasticity and strength. Scalp and hair treatments can be great ways to utilize that aspect of the oil as well as for treating stretch marks or using it in the maintenance of leather products. 

    Undoubtedly, coconut seems indispensable to us because we put it in every soap, body butter, and balm. When used for soapmaking, Its ability to produce abundant creamy lather is amazing even in cold seawater. Besides, It contributes to a hard bar of soap that lasts long and has powerful cleansing properties. The ability of coconut oil to act as a solvent and to clean well can make it too powerful, therefore it rarely features as more than 50% of the total oils in a bar of soap. For us, that percentage is about 20 because we love the bubbles and the long-lasting bars, but we do not want our skin to be cleaned so well that it becomes dry. Refined coconut oil makes snow-white soap bars, but for cooking, or balms and lotions, we prefer the cold-pressed, translucent, and highly aromatic version.

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    Elemi Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Elemi essential oil comes from a 30 meters tall, white bark tree with the same name. Now, this species native to the Philippines is endangered thus, its essential oil is quite rare. The essence of this plant is recognized around the world for its many medicinal properties. In ancient Egypt, this essential oil was well-known to preserve dead bodies and join vibrancy to the skin. A green resinous substance called gum is discharged from the tree. Then the essential oil is extracted by distillation. It contains mainly alpha-phellandrene, elemol, and elemicin.

    Elemi essential oil has healing properties on the skin, it reduces scarring and disinfects fresh wounds and cuts to prevent infections. Thanks to its toning properties, elemi prevents skin aging, and sagging, and slows down. Thus, it also rejuvenates sun-damaged skin by increasing cell renewal.

    Elemi reduces respiratory issues such as bronchitis, sinusitis, and inflammation of the mucous thanks to its expectorant properties. To soothe respiratory issues, you can diffuse elemi in your room, or for better effects, you can inhale it by adding 2 drops to hot water for steam infusion. In addition, elemi essential oil is antibacterial and antiviral and it boosts the nervous system so it helps prevent those issues. 

    Then, this essential oil helps to relax by reducing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and reducing stress. You can diffuse it to lift your mood of the day and restore harmony between body and mind.

    Elemi essential oil comes from a 30 meters tall, white bark tree with the same name. Now, this species native to the Philippines is endangered thus, its essential oil is quite rare. The essence of this plant is recognized around the world for its many medicinal properties. In ancient Egypt, this essential oil was well-known to preserve dead bodies and join vibrancy to the skin. A green resinous substance called gum is discharged from the tree. Then the essential oil is extracted by distillation. It contains mainly alpha-phellandrene, elemol, and elemicin.

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    Eucalyptus Essential Oil January 06 2023

    eucalyptus leaf branch

    Eucalyptus is stimulating, purifying, and refreshing. It offers a well known scent characteristic with its sharp, camphoraceous top notes and deep woody undertones. It possesses a wide array of therapeutic properties and many applications.

    It is commonly used in steam inhalations to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, and respiratory congestion. There are several essential oils of eucalyptus, and among them, that of Eucalyptus Globulus is undoubtedly the most effective and the most powerful at the level of respiratory infections. Its expectorant power is remarkable. It is recommended in case of bronchitis, nasopharyngitis, or sinusitis, and the case of oily cough and stuffy nose. It is however its use is recommended only for adults. For children choose the Eucalyptus Radiata, a more gentle essential oil. Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil is highly concentrated in 1,8-cineole and alpha-pinene, which makes it antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral antiparasitic. This essential oil constitutes a protective barrier against viruses, thus slowing their progression in the body. Eucalyptus opens up the airways, clears the head, and reduces headaches while it helps in meditation by improving breathing and by keeping the mind clear. It can also be a very effective insect repellent and a remedy for stings and bites. 

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    Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carterii) January 06 2023

    Frankincense essential oil is one of the legendary oils known to men. It has been highly prized and well utilized throughout history in all aspects of human culture including, but not limited to religion, medicine, perfumery, spirituality, and psychology. In fact, due to its geographical origins and low processing requirements, it has been part of our history as species for as long as civilization exists.

     Its cultural and spiritual significance, especially in the eternal human pursuit of inner peace and connection with the divine, makes profiling Frankincense quite an extensive project. To keep this article concise, we will only reveal its main therapeutic, aromatic, and clinical properties including the most common applications. However, there is a blog post coming up for those curious to learn about the interesting ways in which Frankincense was utilized by humanity - from the embalmment of Egyptian pharaohs to Roman emperors, and of course, the biggest PR boost an oil can enjoy, namely the feature in the Bible where it was gifted along with Myrhh oil to anoint the newborn savior Jesus Christ. 

      In addition to its historical, cultural, and socio-economic influence, Frankincense oil has also a strong track record of helping people more directly with its potency, effectiveness, and versatility, all of which are scientifically supported. In that context, technology and contemporary chemical analysis have left little to the imagination like they use to be in ancient Egypt, for example. Even then, the pharaohs, emperors, and healers knew very well the power of the resin and gum from the small Frankincense tree. So here are some facts that made it so precious in antiquity and so relevant in the hectic life we live in present-day society. 

    Frankincense oil has powerful emotional and energetic qualities, most notable of whthe ich is its ability to quiet the mind. It makes sense that many people find it indispensable in their meditation practices because the aroma carries microparticles that help us focus and reach a state of tranquility. The effect most people notice if they use this oil in diffusers or aroma lamps is how it supports reflection and introspection. 

    In terms of its therapeutic use, Frankincense sounds too good to be true even when we cannot cover all of them here. For example, the oil contains several groups of compounds and individual molecules known to have excellent pain-relieving effects. Interestingly, that effect people can notice physically and emotionally at the same time. Many of those components make Frankincense an excellent anti-oxidant that protects molecules and our cells from oxidative damage. In addition to that free radical neutralizing action, the oil is a super anti-inflammatory agent and it successfully stimulates our immune system. 

    One of the reasons Frankincense oil has established itself in the world of natural skin care is the amount of compounds that participate in the skin healing processes of the body. In fact, many plant species from the same family have been used for millennia because of their effect on our mood. Modern science reveals that Frankincense can inhibit negative brain function while boasting benefits for memory and cognition. So besides neurological, the clinical applications of this oil include immune support, musculoskeletal problems, respiratory challenges, and, of course, skincare. For us, this oil is very useful in blends that aim at protecting the skin and reducing inflammation. 

    Last, but not least, we want to say a few words about the aromatic notes that make this oil a unique component in perfumery and aromatherapy. Depending on a few factors like terroir, climate, and distillation, Frankincense is recognized by a varying degree of evergreen pine-like notes because of its relatively high content of terpenic, woody scent. It makes sense because those compounds that give out such a smell are typical for plants that grow in hot, dry climates with lots of sun. The top notes of Frankincense are distinctly lemony, but with some spice undertones that make it more exotic smelling. With all that in mind, there is no single compound to which we can attribute the so-called “typical” Frankincense smell. The aroma is the harmonic result of many chemical groups and compounds that are bound together to make up the unique scent so familiar, and yet so mystique.

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    French Green Clay January 06 2023

    Green Illite Montmorillonite clay is the most absorbent and adsorbent of the clays and it is not for nothing that it is the best known of all clays. Widely used in cosmetic masks, it is also recognized in care against wrinkles and excess sebum. Green clay has regenerating, anti-aging, and healing properties. The results of scientific studies have been very conclusive since the regeneration of cells seems to increase by more than 40% and a mask applied for 20 minutes on the face induces an increase in the elasticity of the skin of 14% on average. Green clay enhances the synthesis of collagen and participates in cell migration. It has absorbent capacities useful for regulating the amount of sebum excreted by the skin. A scientific study has shown an 86% reduction in the amount of sebum after applying a mask for 10 minutes in addition to having interesting anti-inflammatory effects in case of skin problems such as acne. Thanks to its cleansing and absorbent properties, it also limits infection. These properties apply to both skin and hair. The absorbency of clays allows them to clean wounds, burns, bedsores, cysts, or splinters by absorbing impurities and reducing masses. Green clay also has interesting deodorant effectiveness, thus justifying its application as an ingredient in deodorant for example. 

    Composed of hydrated aluminum silicates and rich in minerals, it is the major clay to be used in clay therapy. Its particular structure gives it its much sought-after properties: in poultice or clay bath, it relieves rheumatism and helps circulation. In case of rheumatism or back pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of green clay applied in regular poultices help relieve pain due to inflammation. Indeed, its richness in minerals, particularly in silicon, confers a strong remineralizing and anti-inflammatory power. Clay also helps to absorb edemas and hematomas through its absorption capacities. Orally, the water absorption capacity of green clay is very useful in case of diarrhea. It is also used in the composition of several pharmaceutical products. In addition to absorbing water, clay absorbs toxins and pathogenic flora. Clays also have a covering and protective power of the intestinal wall. Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before ingesting clay.

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    French Red Clay January 06 2023

    Red clay gets its native color from its richness in iron oxide, which gives it mattifying properties, revealing a healthy glow. As a mask, red clay revives dull skin and restores strength and radiance to dark hair. It is also possible to use it in make-up on the cheeks for a healthy glow: revived skin radiance and illuminated complexion guaranteed. The illite type is a very absorbent clay, ideal for blotchy skin prone to redness. Adapted to sensitive skin, red clay helps fight rosacea via the circulatory and decongestant action of iron oxide. Also suitable for oily skin and hair with an oily tendency, this clay has cleansing and particularly absorbent properties that help regulate excess sebum. It captures many impurities, bacteria, and other parasites, both in the skin and in the hair. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it will cleanse and detoxify the skin to promote cell renewal and limit the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

    In addition, used in clay therapy in cases of hepatitis or anemia, red clay is the reference clay to adopt. Indeed, clay is often used to relieve pain in the liver thanks to its cleansing and detoxifying properties, helping to eliminate waste and relieve the liver in depuration. It is indicated and very effective in cases of hepatitis. Rich in trace elements and particularly in iron oxide, it promotes the reconstitution of red blood cells and thus improves blood circulation, making it possible to fight against iron deficiencies and anemia.

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    German Chamomile Essential Oil January 06 2023

    This variety of chamomile known as Matricaria or German chamomile makes small white flowers with a yellow receptacle that must be harvested with special combs. Its essential oil is very recognizable by its dark blue color.

    Chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol, molecules present in the essential oil, will limit allergic reactions such as itching, skin irritation, or asthma attacks. These molecules inhibit the release of histamine, responsible for itching of the skin during an allergic reaction.

    This essential oil is known to facilitate digestion, and limit aerophagia, bloating, and flatulence. These stomachic properties facilitate the normal functioning of the stomach and therefore digestion while its antispasmodic properties calm involuntary contractions of the muscles.

    This essential oil limits the inflammatory reactions of the body thanks to chamazulene which inhibits the formation of certain molecules involved in triggering inflammation. It could help to reduce acne, eczema, or pink tinea.

    The sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenes in this essential oil allow better blood circulation in the body and therefore good cellular oxygenation. In addition, by its healing effects, it promotes the proliferation of skin tissue, thus it helps in the healing of wounds.

    German Chamomile essential oil is applied specifically to light hair to give it golden highlights. This effect is enhanced by lemon essential oil with lightening properties. You can add a few drops of these oils to your usual shampoo to brighten your blonde hair.

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    German Chamomile Extract January 06 2023

    This variety of chamomile known as Matricaria or German chamomile makes small white flowers with a yellow receptacle that must be harvested with special combs.

    Chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol, molecules present in the flowers, will limit allergic reactions such as itching, skin irritation, or asthma attacks. These molecules inhibit the release of histamine, responsible for itching of the skin during an allergic reaction.

    German chamomile's properties to facilitate digestion are great and recognized. The flower compounds protect delicate and sensitive stomachs by activating the hepato-biliary work and the pancreas. The active ingredients of chamomile soothe colic, colitis, difficulty digestion, gastritis, and digestive spasms but also bloating and flatulence. 

    German chamomile calms nausea, especially nausea due to pregnancy but only the use in infusion is recommended for pregnant women, who prefer to avoid any other use. This plant also acts on the female cycle by reducing pain during periods and PMS but it also fights against amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

    The gentle herbaceous smell of chamomile soothes the central nervous system and calms excessive nervousness and certain migraines. Matricaria chamomile is known to relieve stress, and anxiety and help you fall asleep, especially for people prone to insomnia.

    Finally, German chamomile is used in cosmetics to fight eczema or to heal cracks, wounds, or skin ulcers thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Then, it gently lightens the hair to reveal your blonde highlights.

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    Grapefruit Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Known ‌for ‌its ‌health ‌benefits,‌ ‌grapefruit ‌produces ‌an ‌essential‌ ‌oil‌ ‌with‌ ‌strong‌ antiseptic‌ ‌power.‌ ‌Its‌ ‌fresh‌ ‌and‌ ‌tangy‌ ‌notes‌ ‌make‌ ‌it‌ ‌perfect‌ ‌for‌ ‌diffusion‌ ‌to‌ ‌cleanse‌ your‌ ‌interior‌ ‌while‌ ‌promoting‌ ‌relaxation.‌ Grapefruit essential oil is rich in limonene, a powerful disinfectant when released into the air thanks to its bactericidal and antiviral properties.‌ For even more efficiency, you can combine it in synergy with essential oils of ravintsara, eucalyptus, and lemon. It helps to relieve your anxieties and your depression and can be complementary to psychological consultations. Limonene also has neurotrophic effects and grapefruit essential oil increases blood pressure making the autonomic nervous system more receptive and responsive. Avoid mixing it with the essential oil of fine lavender, which has opposite calming effects. Grapefruit essential oil is a liver detoxifier and regulates liver function. It thus calms dyspepsia, digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, and the harmful effects of the aftermath of difficult evenings. Grapefruit essential oil helps to fight against oily skin mixed with your night cream or vegetable oil like Jojoba or Hazelnut oil. Be careful and don’t use it in the morning because all citrus essential oils are photosensitizing. Then, it fights against hair loss, for more efficiency, you can combine it in synergy with Rosat Geranium, Cajeput, and Ginger. Finally, this essential oil has an appetite suppressant action so you can smell it or ingest it on a neutral tablet to wait until your next meal.

    Grapeseed Oil January 06 2023

    After the juice of the grapes has been harvested for food and wine, the seeds remain as a source of a pale green oil that is very light in texture and aroma. The oil can be darker if organic or colorless after refinement. Certain varieties like Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, and Cabernet find application in cosmetics and also for culinary purposes. Despite its origin as a by-product, grapeseed oil contains a relatively high amount of vitamin E and when unrefined, natural chlorophyll. Besides vitamins and minerals, this oil has antioxidants such as the flavonol called proanthocyanidin. Some well-known properties of grapeseed oil are its ability to maintain elastin and strengthen collagen. Together with its light structure, those properties make it ideal when used in massage because it provides good lubrication without leaving an oily residue. Body and face oils with grapeseed have a natural toning effect because of their astringent properties. The added benefit of quick penetration makes the oil suitable for acne-prone, oily skin and many people use it for makeup removal. Interestingly, grapeseed oil serves as the perfect frying oil given that the high content of polyphenols, raises its smoke point and protects it from burning. However, the high proportion of omega 6 fatty acid may cause it to oxidize faster than other cooking oils, but when used with one high in omega 3 acid, grapeseed oil is a healthy choice for your diet. Besides, it is always a good choice for the needs of your skin.

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    Hazelnut Oil January 06 2023

    Hazelnuts are the richest oilseed fruits in lipids with many essential fatty acids giving them properties highly valued in food and cosmetics.

    Hazelnut oil is gentle, light, and fast-absorbing because it penetrates deeply, reaching the hypodermis and even the muscles. It is very popular to prepare the muscle for training or to relax after exercise. Hazelnut vegetable oil regulates the sebum production of oily skin and softens dry and sensitive skin. That makes it ideal for everyday use for all skin types.

    This oil also stimulates hair elasticity and ensures volume. The abundance of unsaturated fatty acids in hazelnuts gives its oil excellent moisturizing and softening properties. With its excellent astringent qualities, hazelnut oil reduces the appearance of large pores. In addition to that, the oil is rich in squalene, beta-sitosterol and vitamin E. Squalene is a highly-effective emollient and a natural antioxidant. This organic compound aids wound healing and skin problems alike. It prevents and fades stretch marks and scars, reverses UV damage, and lightens skin pigmentation, all while fighting free radicals. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that protects our skin and supports its health. It restores the skin tissue from sun damage and speeds up the healing of scars and burns.

    Hemp Seed Oil January 06 2023

    The trend is for hemp oil. Or rather, the therapeutic trend is to CBD oil and the recreational trend is to reside or dry flowers containing THC. However, these two molecules are not present in hemp oil. Before listing the benefits, let's distinguish between these three products. Industrial hemp is very often associated with recreational hemp, called cannabis, with relaxing and even hallucinogenic powers. But it is important to distinguish them. Indeed, it is the same botanical species but depending on the crop, the THC content varies. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an active molecule with psychotropic effects. High THC content hemp (around 5%), sought after for recreational use, is illegal while very low content hemp is legal in many countries. Norwegian law imposes a 0 rate and the controls on this subject are particularly strict. Industrial hemp is used in various fields such as textiles, food, and cosmetics. Drugs such as THC have many negative effects on health: impaired memory, concentration, learning disabilities, coordination problems, reduced fertility, and psychological disorders, … unlike hemp oil and CBD. Do not confuse hemp oil and CBD oil either, which are very different. Both substances come from industrial hemp low in THC, however, the first is from the seeds of the plant while the second is from its flowers. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been the source of much scientific research and is now recognized for its beneficial effects on mental and physical well-being. Hemp oil is renowned both in cooking and in cosmetics for its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6.

    Hemp oil is regenerating and revitalizing with anti-aging effects and it has skin repair capacity to effectively fight against the signs of aging of the skin. From the age of 25, the production of collagen declines, whereas it is this protein that helps structure our skin. This is when the first signs of aging appear because the drop in collagen but also in elastin causes the loss of elasticity in the skin. Hemp oil will help produce collagen while the intake of omega-3, 6, and 9 contribute to good elasticity of the skin. Hemp oil fights against free radicals - a major cause of skin aging - thanks to its high content of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. Thus, hemp oil will strengthen its action against wrinkles and aging skin. Hemp oil has a composition similar to the sebum of the skin and cell membranes, and it penetrates quickly for a moisturizing, softening, and nourishing effect. Hemp vegetable oil thus helps rebuild the lipid film of the skin. Studies show that only 3% of hemp oil in cosmetics is enough to hydrate the skin. Hemp oil is also used in hair care to deeply nourish dry hair and obtain shiny and supple hair. Thanks to its composition rich in omega 3 and 6, it fills hair gaps to hydrate and strengthens them in depth. Its composition in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, and E intensifies this fortifying power, slows down hair loss, and promotes growth. Like the hair, hemp oil nourishes and hydrates the beard while caring for the skin underneath. Fatty acids can regenerate skin tissue but also stimulate the production of keratin and therefore the growth of hair, beard, and nails. Here again, the oil nourishes the nails deeply to make them strong, and shiny and effectively fight against brittle nails. The anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing fatty acids thus help to relieve skin irritation and reduce redness. Due to its composition in polyunsaturated fatty acids, hemp oil has been the subject of a study on the treatment of dermatological problems, in particular, to treat eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, and acne rosacea. Finally, the smell of hemp oil is neutral with a fluid and light texture which makes it very pleasant to use.

    Hibiscus Flower Powder January 06 2023

    Hibiscus powder is an Ayurvedic powder, which means it comes from Ayurveda the traditional Indian medicine which takes care of the body and mind. Flower petals and calyxes rich in mucilage are dried and then reduced to thin particles. These vitamin-infused botanicals transform dull-looking skin, giving it smoothness and radiance. AHA acids from the hibiscus strip the dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and glowy. By supporting hydration and softening the skin, this powder is an excellent supplement to oils. Hibiscus is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. Then, it stimulates the regeneration of the skin, thanks to its content of fruit acids. These last two properties prevent premature skin aging and wrinkles. Finally, the intense purple-pink color of the powder wakes up your hair's reflections or pigments your makeup products. Avoid using Hibiscus powder alone and prefer a mixture with neutral clay if you don't want a pink coloration.

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    Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Himalayan Cedarwood is a majestically tall aromatic tree from India, Nepal, and Tibet. It can reach 30 meters high and its strong branches are swept to the ground. The inner wood of this tree is reddish-colored with a soft, deep, and sharp aroma present in its essential oil. Tibetan traditionally use this oil in their medicine to treat respiratory issues, bronchitis, and urinary complaints such as cystitis. The sweet scent of the Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil calms your breath and helps you reach a meditative state of mind.

    Cedarwood is perfect to prepare you for meditation or yoga practice. Put a few drops in your diffuser to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The oil helps you to take deep breaths. These properties promote a deep sense of inner relaxation and peace. You can combine Himalayan Cedar with Lavender essential oil to deeply calm your nerves.

    If you are frustrated due to mental stress, help your mind to ease this feeling with Himalayan Cedar and orange or petitgrain essential oil. Then, you can boost your inner strength and release anxiety with Himalayan Cedar, Australian Sandalwood, and Patchouli in carrier oil. All those essential oils work better together but you can use the one you have to make your own experience.

    Himalayan Cedarwood helps your body to ease coughs, bronchitis, and asthma especially blended with Myrrh and Frankincense. You can massage your chest with these essential oils diluted in carrier oil. Finally, Himalayan Cedarwood fights viruses and relieves a blocked nose.

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    Jojoba Seed Oil January 06 2023

    The name Jojoba derives from the Mexican name "chohobba", a drink containing extracts of this plant and used by wizards to predict harvests. It is probably itself derived from "Hohowi", the tree in the language of the Hopi people.

    Originally from South America, Jojoba vegetable oil has been used for centuries for its cosmetic virtues. It penetrates quickly and leaves a non-greasy finish on the skin. Jojoba is well-known as a sebum regulator which means that it helps the skin and the scalp to regulate sebum production. It is incredibly suitable for every skin type because depending on your needs, it improves the appearance of oily or acne-prone skin or revitalizes dry skin. This property applies to the scalp allowing a regulating effect on your hair. Furthermore, Jojoba oil regulates the pH of the skin and maintains the acidity balance of the skin. Jojoba oil helps to hydrate the skin without clogging its pores thanks to its composition in cerides. Added to the sebum regulator effect, this oil is particularly adapted to acne-prone skin.

    Jojoba oil improves suppleness and elasticity thanks to the activation of the elastin metabolism and the slowdown of the water loss in cells. Thereby, it helps to fight against sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Jojoba protects against skin aging thanks to unsaponifiable fatty acids and it can also be used as a makeup remover, aftershave, or massage oil.

    Finally, Jojoba oil is a safe choice if you don't know which is your specific skin type.

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    Juniper Berry Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Juniper essential oil is the anti-water retention essential oil par excellence. It is mainly composed of monoterpenes : alpha-pinene, sabinene and myrcene. This essential oil is diuretic and aquaretic so it facilitates drainage, especially the urinary and biliary tracts, promoting the excretion of water. It is a precious help for the organism which can no longer eliminate water normally. It is therefore indicated in the case of water retention, cellulite problems, urinary tract infections or edema treatments. Juniper essential oil is a small pelvis and venous decongestant so it thins the circulation in the blood vessels and has an effect on the adrenal glands, restoring energy to the body. It also promotes phlebotomist circulation and reduces varicose and hemorrhoids. Juniper berry oil is antifungal by destroying fungi that cause candidiasis and dermatophytosis, antibacterial by activating the differentiation of white blood cells in the blood which attack bacteria, and expectorant by regulating bronchial secretion. Finally, it has also secondary : anti-oxidant, spasmolytic and antirheumatic properties.

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    Kaolin Clay January 06 2023

    White clay is considered a neutral clay, so it is ideal for anyone new to clay therapy. Kaolin clay is one of the softest clays, it is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Rich in minerals, it remineralizes the skin, allows better skin regeneration, and gives it softness and suppleness. It allows in particular to treat the irritated buttocks of babies. Thanks to its softening and refreshing properties, it calms irritation and helps to heal. Although white kaolin clay is softer than other clays, it also has absorbent properties that allow it to trap impurities, bacteria, and other parasites. It can therefore be used as an antiperspirant in natural deodorants. Thanks to its purifying and absorbing properties, it absorbs impurities and regulates excess sebum from your hair roots. White kaolin clay is widely used in oral products such as toothpaste or mouthwash, especially for its abrasive power which will eliminate bacteria while providing them with whiteness. At the same time, it is recognized for its cleansing properties and helps reduce inflammation and relieve sensitive gums.

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    Lavender Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Admittedly among the most popular essential oils, Lavender never ceases to amaze people with its effectiveness and versatility. It is one of the few oils that has made the transition from perfumery and aromatherapy to the average home and it has consequently become a kind of a champion among essential oils.

    The perennial aromatic shrub enjoys temperate to subtropical climate and much sun. There are several types of Lavender plants each with slight variation in its attributes and properties from the others. Those variances also depend on terroir, climate, cultivation, and distillation techniques. Our Lavender comes from a valley in Bulgaria with soil and microclimate that are perfect for the plant to develop high-quality oil with a full spectrum of beneficial compounds. In addition, our oil is a product of organic farming and is distilled by people who have done this their entire lives.

    Ideally, the essential oil is steam distilled using the flowering tops of the plant, but in reality, the stems go in the distillation tank as well. The popularity of Lavender oil can be attributed to socio-economic factors, such as scale and scope of cultivation and, given the right circumstances, generous yields. However, Lavender oil has been hailed by perfumers and holistic healers for centuries mainly due to its unique combination of aromatic compounds and scientifically proven medicinal properties. It blends well with most other essential oils, especially with other floral aromas, citruses, and herbs. 

    Known for its relaxing effects on the body and mind, lavender oil has gained popularity in natural skincare and holistic treatments, although we used it long before we started making our products. It was probably the first essential oil we bought in bulk and the one we have always kept around no matter where we lived at the time. If we had to choose only one oil for the rest of our lives, It would definitely be lavender simply because its reputation as a universal, multi-use oil is hard to ignore, while its smell is impossible to forget.

    Given the optimal growing conditions and proper distillation, Lavender oil offers fresh, floral top notes and herbaceous, green undertones. With its antibacterial, analgesic, and antiseptic properties, it may effectively be used to cleanse cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. In addition, its aroma calms the nerves and balances emotions. Having a small bottle of lavender in your purse or house is almost like having a personal first aid kit, perfume, and sedative all in one.

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    Lemon Essential Oil January 06 2023

    This essential oil is expressed from the peel of ripe Sicilian lemons. Sweet and well-tolerated, lemon essential oil is one of the essential oils to have when starting aromatherapy. It smells fresh with light, clean top notes, and sweet, citrusy undertones. It has many applications based on its various therapeutic properties. 

    Lemon essential oil mimics vitamin P and decreases the permeability of blood capillaries while increasing their resistance. It thus prevents accidents of hypertensive and diabetic origin and promotes blood fluidity. It creates an “appetite suppressant” effect on our brain. Then, it has stomachic characteristics that promote digestion and detox. In addition, the lemon essential oil is valued against nausea or motion sickness thanks to limonene which acts on gastric motility.

    Lemon calms the nervous system and psychologically, clears the mind, and opens the heart. It can prevent emotional outbursts and improve decision-making. 

    It helps to stop bleeding and kills bacteria thanks to its content of β-pinene, and limonene. Thus, the lemon essential oil is an excellent addition to first aid wash to treat cuts and scratches. Its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties together with the refreshing scent make it a perfect room deodorant or air freshener. Then, you can add a few drops to your cleaning products to improve their efficiency and give them a nice citrus smell.

    When used in massage, it cleanses the blood and lymphatic system and relieves rheumatic conditions, gout, and arthritis. Then, the limonenes it contains promote lipolysis, the degradation of lipids. It is therefore ideal for slimming massages or dislodging cellulite. In facial skincare, lemon brightens the complexion and improves the prone to acne, and oily skin. 

    Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun after applying this essential oil. Like many citrus fruits, it contains furocoumarins responsible for the photosensitization of the skin.

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    Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil January 06 2023

    This eucalyptus essential oil has a more lemony and pungent smell than you might think which calms nerves and scares away mosquitoes. 

    Lemon eucalyptus is distinguished by its remarkable anti-inflammatory power, it is recommended for massage in case of joint or muscle pain. Thanks to its citronellal content, lemon eucalyptus has powerful anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, and analgesic effects. Citronellal modulates the body's immune response when it undergoes an inflammatory attack and alleviates the sensations of heat and the resulting redness. It calms digestive or respiratory muscle spasms - involuntary contractions of the muscles - and it notably inhibits prostaglandin, a substance responsible for the contractions of the uterus. Finally, it soothes skin pain such as itching or eczema. 

    Lemon eucalyptus is an excellent insect repellent and acaricide because citronellal and citronellol repel insects and kill some mosquito larvae. They also help soothe insect bites. It is also antifungal and to a lesser extent antibacterial. It makes a good airborne antiseptic and is effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhi.

    Finally, lemon eucalyptus oil has hypotensive and sedative properties because citronellal is a negative molecule which means that it has soothing properties. it acts on certain neurotransmitters - molecules allowing the transfer of nerve information - and it dilates the walls of blood vessels which lowers blood pressure.

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    Lemon Melissa Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Thanks to its calming effects, lemon melissa essential oil is recommended in cases of mood disorders. Its fresh and lemony scent is particularly pleasant in diffusion. This essential oil is calming and sedative of its relaxing action on the nervous system. They reduce states of anxiety and stress and promote sleep, especially for people prone to insomnia. The beta-caryophyllene and the germacrene D contained, lower blood pressure and reduce the cardiovascular risks associated with hypertension. Finally, it calms the palpitations, these heartbeats that have suddenly become noticeable.

    Lemon melissa essential oil contains terpene aldehydes and sesquiterpenes which modulate the body's inflammatory response and calm sensations of heat and the resulting redness. These molecules are also antispasmodic so they calm the involuntary contractions of the digestive or respiratory muscles.

    Lemon balm oil is an intestinal antiparasitic due to its citral content. It also promotes the normal functioning of the stomach and the expulsion of intestinal gas. Finally, it contains molecules capable of dissolving gallstones and promoting the production of bile by the liver.

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    Lemongrass Essential Oil January 06 2023

    Derived from a tropical medicinal plant, lemongrass essential oil has a fresh and light smell, pleasant to diffuse. It is one of the essential oils with strong vasodilator properties. The dilation of the blood vessels causes better blood circulation in the body and a decrease in blood pressure. It is particularly recommended in cases of arteritis or cellulite. Lemongrass has a sedative and calming action thanks to citral, a molecule that acts on the nervous system. It decreases anxiety and promotes sleep.

    Lemongrass is also a digestive tonic, the molecules contained in the essential oil facilitate digestion by stimulating the various functions of the digestive system.

    The citral contained in the essential oil of lemongrass is anti-inflammatory and makes it possible to modulate the inflammatory response of the organism in the face of an attack suffered. It calms feelings of heat, and redness caused by inflammation. Lemongrass inhibits the development and growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the body. Citral and geraniol have bactericidal and fungicidal action and constitute a protective barrier against viruses. It then slows down their progression in the body to stop them as quickly as possible. 

    Finally, the lemongrass repels insects but it is still less effective than the Java citronella.

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    Lime Essential Oil January 06 2023

    The lime essential oil has antibacterial properties similar to lemon, thanks to its content of β-pinene, and limonene. So you can use it in diffusion to clean the air or in your home-made cleaning products. It is also effective for colds or sore throats. In case of loss of voice, you can dilute a drop of lime essential oil in half a glass of lukewarm water and gargle with it. You can repeat the process two to three times a day. 

    Thanks to its limonene content, lime essential oil calms nausea and vomiting, detoxes the body, and aids digestion by promoting choleresis, in other words, the production of bile by the liver and its evacuation to the intestine. It will be even more effective if your digestive disorders are of a nervous origin.

    Indeed, the lime essential oil has calming properties like many other citrus fruits. Thus, it is recommended to release stress and nervousness, fight against anxiety and help find sleep in cases of insomnia. Add a few drops of it with vegetable oil to your bath for a pure moment of relaxation.

    Finally, this essential oil has softening and astringent properties to lighten and beautify the skin. Suitable for oily skin, it can be irritating for sensitive skin.

    Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun after applying this essential oil. Like many citrus fruits, it contains furocoumarins responsible for photosensitization of the skin.

    May-chang Essential Oil January 06 2023

    May-chang essential oil with a fresh and fruity scent has remarkable effects in case of temporary depression. Sedative, anti-neuralgic, and endocrine harmonizing, keep dark and negative thoughts away. It has remarkable effects in the case of temporary depression. Sedative, anti-neuralgic, and endocrine harmonizing, removes anxieties, stress, and negative thoughts thanks to its action on the central nervous system. It is effective in the event of sleep disturbances, insomnia, and low energy. This essential oil also has tonic properties and it produces a feeling of well-being on the skin and hair.

    Thanks to its citral content, May-chang essential oil is very effective on joint pain, muscle pain, and inflammation, ideal for arthritis, osteoarthritis, or rheumatism. It also has sanitizing properties because it destroys certain viruses, certain fungi, and certain anaerobic bacteria. This essential oil is also an effective repellent against all types of insects.

    Be careful not to diffuse this pure essential oil and always accompany it with other essences.

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    Neem Seed Oil January 06 2023

    Native to India, the Neem tree has been considered a medicinal plant for over 4000 years as people discovered multiple applications for all its parts. The leaves and twigs become tea while the seeds produce a potent, dark-green oil and meal from the leftover biomass. Neem oil is a powerful medicine that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It should be diluted with another oil if used topically with various dilution rates depending on the condition it is meant to alleviate. Many people use it to treat eczema, psoriasis, and even head lice. In fact, we use it even on plants to help them get rid of parasites like mites and lice. A strong indicator of the potency of neem oil is the pungent scent with characteristic nutty notes. Even essential oils fail to overpower the strong smell of the oil, so instead, we embrace it and try to complement rather than mask it. So, returning to the topical use of Neem- it works as long as treated with respect and cautions against any concentrated substance demands. If not, it might cause skin irritation. Internally, however, the damages might be much more severe. For that reason, people should never ingest Neem oil unless under the recommendation and supervision of qualified doctors or Ayurveda healers. Its topical benefits are plereasons reason to include neem in our medicinal collection and incorporate it in natural skin care products. For example, balms or body oils with neem can get rid of athletes' feet and serve as an excellent insect repellent - even the fearless mosquitos of south Asia.

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    Neroli Hydrosol January 06 2023

    The bitter orange flowers are the most delicate parts of this tree, giving off very fine aromas. They make it possible to obtain the precious Neroli essential oil and Neroli hydrosol also called Orange Blossom hydrosol, with similar properties but much more flexible to use and less expensive. Widely used in oriental pastries, this hydrosol is popular for its notes of orange blossom. 

    Neroli hydrosol is soothing, calming, and an antidepressant-like all sour orange products. It helps to fight against stress, anxiety, and depression and it is ideal in case of emotional shock. Hydrosols are much smoother than essential oils, so it is very suitable for restless children and babies as well as stressed animals. It is nervous rebalancing, which means that it relaxes both the mind and the physical. Its sweet fragrance helps to fight against insomnia or hyperactivity and it brings to the body a wind of serenity. As a tonic lotion, Orange Blossom hydrosol is soothing and rebalances the skin's pH and flora. If it is suitable for all skin types, it will restore radiance to dull skin. It fights inflammation as in acne because of its antibacterial and soothing properties. Neroli hydrosol also contains strong antioxidants that reduce cellular breakdown and slow the aging of the skin. Finally, this hydrosol can help during the withdrawal of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. This hydrosol can be applied to the skin or consumed as is for its therapeutic properties or in cooking to provide an oriental flavor.

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    Olive Oil January 06 2023

    In the historical Middle East, olive trees and branches were sacred and the oil was used as a currency. In several countries, “Offering an olive branch” is symbolic and considered as a gesture of peace. In Greek myth, Athena grew the first olive tree by throwing her javelin into the air. In addition, olive trees have lived for a long time, some Israelis ones are over a thousand years old!

    Olive oil is mainly composed of oleic acid, it represents nearly 70% of its fatty acids. It is really stable through time and it can be exposed to light or heat. On the skin, it supports sebum production of the skin while it allows cell breathing. Olive oil contains phytosterols with humectant properties - they bring and maintain moisture to the skin. Then, it helps to heal sunburns and soothes very dry skin.

    Olive oil also contains squalene which takes part in the sebum composition. As a protective agent, it prevents the evaporation of moisture and works as a natural emollient. Squalene promotes the delivery of oxygen to skin cells and purifies the skin by removing wastes. It is also contained in rice bran oil and boosts the production of sterols, a vitamin D precursor. It is very suitable for dry and mature skin becskinit prevents skin-aging thanks to its structure similar to vitamin A and its high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

    Finally, olive oil is often employed to make soap thanks to its benefits on the skin, low cost, and availability. The most famous soap is probably castile soap made with olive oil and soda only. It is a convenient zero-waste alternative to dish soap in plastic bottles. If you prefer the liquid formula, you can put castile soap chips and clean water into a reusable bottle. When the chips are dissolved, you are done - you can shake the bottle to accelerate the process.

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      Palmarosa Essential Oil January 06 2023

      This essential oil is extracted from Palmarosa herbs which can reach almost 3 meters in height under optimal conditions. The indigenous tribes have passed on their know-how from generation to generation to cultivate this plant. The Palmarosa then grows both in plantations and in the wild.

      Palmarosa essential oil is an excellent natural deodorant. Thanks to its very antibacterial properties, it opposes bacteria responsible for bad odors while providing you with a soft, floral, and fresh fragrance. In addition, its skin regenerating and healing virtues will relieve your armpits after shaving or waxing. You can apply a drop of pure palmarosa under each armpit, once a day after showering for a treatment not exceeding 3 weeks. For sensitive skin or long-term use, dilute the essential oil in a vegetable oil such as coconut.

      Thanks to its geraniol content, the palmarosa essential oil enhances the activity of antifungal drugs and destroys most of the fungi that cause yeast infections. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the essential oil of palmarosa are effective against many dermatological problems such as impetigo, sores, eczema, pressure sore, skin fungus, or acne. In these cases, dilute your essential oil and massage the affected area. In the case of local acne, you can apply a drop of pure palmarosa located on your pimples.

      Palmarosa essential oil contains geranyl acetate which has a neurotropic and musculotropic action that allows it to act on spasms, so it is an excellent spasmolytic.

      Finally, it scares the unwanted away. Its monoterpene alcohols are very effective in warding off mosquitoes and other insects whether on the skin or as an alternative to pesticides. And its geraniol content is a moderate potency pest control.

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