Juniper Berry Essential Oil January 06 2023

Juniper essential oil is the anti-water retention essential oil par excellence. It is mainly composed of monoterpenes : alpha-pinene, sabinene and myrcene. This essential oil is diuretic and aquaretic so it facilitates drainage, especially the urinary and biliary tracts, promoting the excretion of water. It is a precious help for the organism which can no longer eliminate water normally. It is therefore indicated in the case of water retention, cellulite problems, urinary tract infections or edema treatments. Juniper essential oil is a small pelvis and venous decongestant so it thins the circulation in the blood vessels and has an effect on the adrenal glands, restoring energy to the body. It also promotes phlebotomist circulation and reduces varicose and hemorrhoids. Juniper berry oil is antifungal by destroying fungi that cause candidiasis and dermatophytosis, antibacterial by activating the differentiation of white blood cells in the blood which attack bacteria, and expectorant by regulating bronchial secretion. Finally, it has also secondary : anti-oxidant, spasmolytic and antirheumatic properties.

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