TO TREASURE August 21 2019

"I had been looking for a natural product that could calm the pain and stress I feel after a long day of work. Spending long hours working with a computer causes my neck to be tense, and often leads to headaches. This salve is definitely a product to treasure at home, to rescue you from the work routine."

- Laeticia Mello.


"I have atypical skin and react to pretty much all kind of ingredients. I was almost desperate before I tried the Baby Bath Shampoo Bar. It is so delicate on my skin that I am not changing it for anything else now. Moreover I use it for my hair as well and it leaves it like silk, not even mentioning the smell of innocence."

-Denitsa Georgieva.

BUTTER SOFTNESS August 08 2019

"Our baby Frida has always had delicate and sensitive skin. We only use natural products on her, as they ensure full care in her baby skin. We bathe her regularly with the baby soap and apply the butter with a gentle massage before tucking her into bed. It has a fantastic scent, that we all adore at home!".

-Nicolai S.


"The softness and texture of Sense is something that cannot be explained if you don’t try it. This together with the remarkable aroma makes you feel like a queen in your own skin. And this feeling is spread around influencing people around you with your majesty."

-Denitsa Georgieva.

IT MAKES ME HAPPY! July 02 2019

"When I apply Balance Face Oil on my skin I feel energized and with an elevated mood. The way you feel your skin immediately after application is amazing. And on top of it, you don’t need any other sunscreen after, my skin has never been better protected. It is a literally addictive product!"

-Denitsa Georgieva.


"Balance Face Oil is lovely facial oil has been part of my daily skin routine ever since I discovered it back in 2016. Adore the subtle fresh scent and how it gives my sensitive skin some gentle TLC. The ingredients are great, raw and natural and together help my combination skin calm down with some extra moisture in those areas it is needed. The design is super classy and the bottles last a looong time since you only ever need a few drops of the product for each application.
love applying it after i cleansed my face with the rose facewater <3."


IT'S A MUST! June 19 2019

"Apart from the fact that it can soften any hard skin, Repair Healing Salve literally heals irritated, red or hurt skin in a couple of days. It is a must, because of all the various situations, in which it can come into use. I adored the older version and I wouldn’t imagine it better before I tried the newer. Thank you, Neven, for being there!"

-Denitsa Georgieva.


"I am so happy to have finally found a lipstick that is made with 100% natural, healthy ingredients AND is a highly pigmented and long-lasting.
This product is so moisturizing that I don't need to apply a lip balm before applying lipstick, which I need to do with other brands.
Ruby is a universally-flattering shade that's great for everyday use. Glam is a deeper dark pink/light red shade that is perfect when you want a bit more color."



"The moment I tried Rejuvenate Face Oil I realized it is a revolutionary product. Currently I cannot imagine applying anything different than Neven on my skin. Even more interesting is that the opinion of already 3 of my friends, who I suggested it to is the same. Should try it to believe it!"

-Denitsa Georgieva.


"I've heard great things about Rosehip Oil but never tried until now, and my skin seems to love it! Three drops are enough and I use it under my day cream or sunscreen, as well as in the night. I have quite dry skin and this oil actually gives my skin enough moisture on its own. It also looks like it gives the puffy skin around my eyes a lot of moisture and nurturing, as the lines appear slightly less visible."


UPLIFTING April 10 2019

"I love the smell of Love Mood Serum, I use it every time I feel like I need a boost, after a shower or before an appointment. The scent is a bit strong when applying but eases down after a short time."



"I love the Naked Cleansing Oil so much! I have sensitive skin and most make up removers and face cleansers easily strips my skin for moisture. This cleansing oil removes my make up easily and makes my skin feel moist and nurtured after washing with a cloth. I love that it kind of traps my eye make up in the oil and I no longer look like a panda or a member of Kizz when I've massaged the cleanser into my eyes. It's easy to remove eye make up and it does not irritate my eyes at all. I love when I can use a cleanser for both eyes and face and not having to buy two separate products."

-Katrin Berge.