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We selected the products in this kit for everybody with sensitive skin including mamas and babies. It covers the bare essentials in personal skin care: mild cleansing and hydration. The kit includes organic whipped butter and two travel size baby shampoos/soap bars. 

Organic mama and baby balm with cacao butter

Light and creamy, this balm penetrates deeply to leave the skin soft and silky. Even though it contains no essential oils, this body butter possesses strong therapeutic qualities. It will relieve burnt, dry, irritated and itchy skin caused by eczema, diaper rash, or prolonged sun exposure. It can also heal scar tissue and prevent stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and tone. It contains no beeswax and can easily be applied anywhere including sensitive skin areas around the eyes and lips. 

Baby shampoo with chamomile and cocoa butter

Gentle and soothing, this bar will wash your baby from head to toe while hydrating and nourishing his/her skin. We used only cold pressed olive oil and castor oil to guarantee that sensitive skin and hair are gently taken care of. Both oils posses large number of unsaponifiable fatty acids. They form a thin layer on our skin and act as humectants - attracting moisture to the cells. 

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