Neven is a small skincare company from Oslo that develops high quality natural vegan products for sustainable and environmentally friendly people.
Each of our products is handcrafted with extreme care, taking the time to select the best ingredients in order to bring you unique natural creations. Our products components are made solely of pure vegetable fats, essential oils, herbal extracts and organic colorants. This is why our shampoos, balms, soaps and salves are so delightful to use.

Finding the best ingredients, however, becomes just as important as using them in the right way. We saponify the base oils by a cold process that ensures their main properties are transferred to the soap. We also add the essential oils late in the process to preserve their delicate aromatic notes and therapeutic qualities. Every raw ingredient we use serves a particular purpose within the finished product. The most important ingredients, of course, are the love and care we put into everything we make.

Our values:
We believe that anything in frequent contact with our skin must not be harmful to our body. It should not contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants or artificial ingredients that go into the average commercial soap. 
We believe soap is simple and it must remain so. The result of naturally occurring chemical reaction, it should simply clean and disinfect our bodies, but it could also nourish and hydrate the skin by supplying it with fatty acids, phytochemicals, and minerals.
We aim at providing superior alternative to mass-produced products, Neven develops each creation from scratch and does not test on animals nor contain animal fat. 

Our history:
We are Mila & Veli from Neven, both of us grew up in families with longstanding traditions of making things naturally from scratch. We have participated in the preparation of everything- from pickles, jams, compotes, and sausages to herbal infusions, pommades, and hot process soap. In other words, we were programmed to be hand-crafters from an early age, so we naturally share a strong desire to create good recipies with what we find in nature.
We came to soap making after initially experimenting with aromatherapy for several years. Experiencing the benefits of essential oils played an important role in our decision to share what we know with friends and family. At first, we only vaporized a few drops in the air, mixed them in massage oils, or dissolved them in a bath. Later we sought other ways to incorporate essential oils in everyday products such as salves, body butters, lip balms, and our own, homemade soaps. After the first few batches, our hobby became addictivly exciting and gradually evolved into the small business you know today as Neven.