We are Mila & Veli from Neven. Both of us grew up in families with longstanding traditions of making things naturally from scratch. We have participated in the preparation of everything- from pickles, jams, compotes, and sausages to herbal infusions, pommades, and hot process soap. In other words, we were programmed to be hand-crafters from an early age, so we naturally share a strong desire to create good recipes with what we find in nature.
We came to soap making and formulating, after initially experimenting with aromatherapy for several years. Experiencing the benefits of essential oils played an important role in our decision to share what we know with friends and family. Later, we sought other ways to incorporate essential oils in everyday products such as salves, body butters, lip balms, and our own, homemade soaps. After the first few batches, our hobby became addictively exciting and gradually evolved into the small business you know today as Neven.