Questions about products

Are your products certified USDA Organic?

Unfortunately our products are not certified USDA Organic, but our brand uses only certified ingredients from Debio and Ecocert.

Do your products have expiration dates?

Yes, you can find the expiration date labeled on our products.

Do your products have Sodium Benzoate?

No, they don't.

What product do you recommend for removing make-up?

Naked cleaning oil is perfect to use as a make up remover.

Do your products contain fragrance?
Our products contain no artificial fragrance.

Do your products contain Vitamin E?

Yes, most of our products contains Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant.

Is your packaging sustainable? 

Sustainability is and had always been one of our prirority. That is why our products are packaged in glass containers and sustainable paper, that are also reusable and recyclable.

Do you have a Vitamin C serum?

We don't have currenlty a Vitamin C serum, but our best-seller the Rejuvenate Face Oil contains Rosehip oil, which is a great source of Vitamin C.

Do your products contain nut oils?

The face oils and healing balms contain Argan oil. This type of nut oil typically do not irritate people with nut allergies, but we recommend to consult with your physician if you have a nut allergy.

Do you have recommendation for redness?

If your skin is sensitive we recommend trying out our single carrier oils like jojoba, argan, avocado or rosehip. Also, we are currently in the late stages of developing skin-soothing serum for people with gentle skin who experience redness. Would you like to test it? Drop us a line here.

How to use the Gua Sha ?

How to use the Stone Roller? 

Do you have samples?

Yes, we do. You can order Neven's Essential kit with mini face oil, mini soap bar and a mini body balm.

Are your products vegan? Cruelty-free?

All our products are cruelty-free, we have never tested on animals. Regarding veganism, except for our healing salves, lip balms and the bee happy soap which can contain beeswax, our products are 100% vegan.

Are your products GMO free?

Yes, they are.

Is your face oil anti-aging?

Yes, our Rejuvenate Face Oil has anti-aging properties.

Why should I use face oil if I have an oily skin?

The right face oil can be beneficial to all skin types - including oily. Skin becomes oily due to genetics, hormons or imbalances. Often, people with oily skin strip away their skin from its natural oils. The body tries to compensate in order to protect its shield (the skin) from the outside environment, which only makes it more greasy. There are many botanical plant oils to choose from, and each one has a unique composition of fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. That means some will work best for dry skin and others will work best for oily skin.

What face oil should I use if I have oily or combination skin?

Our Balance face oil has the perfect cocktail of carrier and essential oils to maintain a healthy skin and minimise blemishes and acne. It balances the skin's sebum levels and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a trace. The blend of aromatic  oils acts as a purifying and antiseptic care for acne-prone skin. 

Is it safe to use your products on a teen or a young child?

In general, yes. However, under 7 years old it’s not recommended to use too strong concentration of essential oils. For example, our healing salves contains more than 3% of essential oils and shouldn’t be use on a young child.

For younger organism and for babies, hydrosols are recommended because of their lower concentration in essential oils. They have the same effects that essential oils; if your baby is struggling with sleep or cries a lot, you could spray some lavender hydrosol on your shoulder before holding him. He’ll then breath on it. Indeed, their organism don’t need that much to balance.

Are your products safe to use your products on a pregnant or nursing woman?

We recommend pregnant and nursing women to avoid essential oils or products containing essential oils, especially in the first trimester. Our Mama and Baby set is perfect to use during your pregnancy and after giving birth. Also, our carrier oils like Argan, Avocado, Jojoba or Hazelnut are a wonderful not only for your belly, bit also for your face and hair.

How long do your products last?

As any organic material our products have a shelf life between 12 and 24 months. Some, might be good to use even longer. 

As for quantity, it will depend on the product and its use. For example, if you’re using the balms just for your hands, one 30 ml jar can last you for 1 year of use. For the facial oil, several months. It will depend on how much and how often you apply.

What are the differences between your Mood serums?

Our mood serums contain an aromatic cocktail of organic essential oils that act not only as perfume derived directly from Mother Nature, but it also affect us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Love mood serum is our uplifting and alluring blend that we recommend to use during the day or when going out. Relax mood serum is our fragrance for when you want and need to unwind.

What are the differences between your face oil ?

What are the differences between your Healing salves?

Healing salves are rich and multi-functional balms. They can serve as a general purpose skin nourishment as well as therapeutic remedy. Our salves are mainly targeting dry skin, loss of Firmness or Elasticity and fine lines & Wrinkle. But because of different blends of essential oils, each of them provides a different experience for the body and the mind.

What is the right salve for me?

All our salves are multi-purpose protective treatment that provides intense nourishment and healing power for healthy, smooth looking skin. But through their different blends of essential oils, each of them has their mains benefits and uses.

With an herbal scent, Soothe will provide relaxation and calmness for the body and the mind. Relaxes nerves and overworked mind, diminishes joint and muscular pain, helps with cuts, wounds and burns, Soothe is the salve that will bring balance to your body, your mind and your spirit.

Rejuvenate on another hand has a more floral and sweeter scent and is good for menstrual discomforts & cramping tummies. Perfect for the ladies, Rejuvenate is also revitalizing and uplifting, in order to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sun(age) spots.

For winter and colder season, Breathe is the salve to strengthen the immune system. Relieving minor congestion and restoring better and deeper breathing, Breathe is great for dealing with seasonal allergies.

And least but not least, our spicy and nutty scented salve Repair, great for sensitive and problematic skin. Repair calms and improves inflammatory conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne by diminishing scars and blemishes.

How long do your sample kits last?

We currently have two different kind of sample kits. There is a small with a 5mL oil bottle and another one with a 10mL bottle. Depending on how much and how often you use the products, they can last between 2 weeks for the small and more, and between 1 month or more for the 10mL.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made at our showroom, in Oslo.


Questions about the skin

I have sun damage/ hyperpigmentation/ dark spots, what should I use

    The rejuvenate oil has the property to evens out the sun damage. In general, each oil has some ingredient helping but the best is Rejuvenate because it contains more, like Frankincense and argan, rosehip, for example. Some of those ingredients basically target those kinds of problems.

    What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?
    How do I figure out my skin type?
      What should I use for a normal/ combination skin?

        For daytime, you should use Balance Face Oil and for nighttime Balance also, or Rejuvenate Face Oil for mature skin.

        What should I use for an oily skin?

          You should use Balance Face Oil.

          What should I use for a dry/ mature skin?

            You should use Rejuvenate Face Oil.

            How long before I see results from your products?

              According to our clients, up to six weeks, depending on your age. For 25-year-old and more, two weeks and for 35 and more, six weeks.

              Client testimony:After 18 months of using Neven Body Care products, I have no visible pores and no more hormonal pimples. Indeed, the quality of the skin is better. “


              Questions about shipping

              How to visit Neven?

                You should take the bus 70 at Nationaltheater or in the direction of Skullerud and get off at Smedberg. You can also click here for Google Map.

                What are the delivery methods and charges?

                  We are able to mail, use local delivery (to the door) only available in Oslo and you can also choose a pick up from the showroom.

                  Do you ship internationally?

                    Yes, we do, worldwide.

                    What are the delivery times?

                      In Norway, delivery time is generally 1-2 business days. In Europe delivery time varies between  5-7 business days and for the world, it’s 10-40 business days.

                      Due to COVID-19, delivery time can increase and unfortunately, delays are beyond our control.

                      How to follow my package delivery?

                        In order to follow your package delivery, you need to choose an option with tracking (cost ≈ 24euros). Then you’ll receive an email with instructions how to follow your package.

                        What if my package gets lost or it's damaged during transport?

                        We rarely have lost or damaged packages, however, to be sure your package arrives safely we recommend choosing a shipping option with tracking. All items purchased from Neven Body Care are made according to a shipment contract. The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.