Activated Charcoal January 06 2023

Vegetable charcoal is an ancestral natural product against digestive discomfort, poisoning and, poisoning. Nowadays, it is also used in cosmetics to purify the skin or tint make-up. The advantage of activated vegetable carbon is its strong adsorbing power. Vegetable charcoal is obtained in two steps, the objective being to form a multitude of pores in the charcoal to increase its adsorption capacity. The second step is activation. The plant material is burnt again at lower temperatures, in the presence of water vapor and gas. This second step allows the formation of an immense network of micropores: activated vegetable carbon is obtained. Activated charcoal can come from many species of trees but we prefer charcoal from coconut shells with very small pores and therefore very absorbent. The benefits of activated carbon are not due to active ingredients since it is mainly composed of carbon but are due to its porosity. Porosity greatly increases the surface area of charcoal and according to researchers, it would allow it to adsorb about 100 times its volume! So, it is particularly suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Charcoal cleanses, detoxifies, and purifies the skin, absorbing toxins and impurities that cling to our protective barrier and the bacteria that multiply there. It is also very popular as a coloring agent, it is a very black pigment that is found in mascaras and black eyeliner pencils. Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth. To do this, you must moisten your toothbrush and dip it into charcoal powder. Brush and rinse with clean water. You can add a drop of lemon or field mint essential oil to your toothbrush. However, do not do this treatment more than once a week and ask your dentist for advice. All teeth whitening damages tooth enamel. In addition to its whitening action, activated vegetable charcoal captures bad odors for fresh breath. You can fill a small cup with charcoal to absorb bad smells from a refrigerator, toilet, or trash can for example.

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