Castor Seed Oil January 06 2023

We really enjoy incorporating unique oils and waxes into our products, especially if they seem strangely versatile in their application. That is the case with castor oil - the web is filled with articles and infographics about the wonderfully multipurpose nature of this thick & sticky substance extracted from one of the most beautiful & magnetic plants I know of. I can only speak to its potential from experience, so I will leave detailed research for an article in our blog post. So far I have extracted about 33 reasonable and well-documented uses of the oil. Frankly, if I did not reduce my list by cutting redundant and misleading info, there could have easily been 50 ways to make it work for your benefit. 

Most people know that it is a powerful agent of change in the body, so I have not ingested it nor neither do I ever plan to consume it unless I am severely constipated or suffer an infestation of parasites in my digestive tract and intestines. I don't want to mention how it was used in torture chambers during WW2, but the fact it has killed many people by dehydrating them to a point of no return only illuminates its potency and demands the respect of those who seek to benefit. 

What is so unique about the magic beans that contain castor oil is the chemical composition that allows it to work in its many mysterious ways. Made up largely of ricinoleic fatty acid, this dense and sticky oil, among other things known to:

  • boost emulsions by helping other ingredients bind together. For example, I first tried it in cold processes soap making seeking its famous property of boosting the amount of lather, and let me tell you
  • it does it not only in turns of bubbly volume but also stability as ricinoleic fatty acid boosts its other sudsy friend's coconut and any palm-derived oil. A stable dense lather is characterized by a creamy texture and small bubbles that can easily fill your palms.

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