Kaolin Clay January 06 2023

White clay is considered a neutral clay, so it is ideal for anyone new to clay therapy. Kaolin clay is one of the softest clays, it is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Rich in minerals, it remineralizes the skin, allows better skin regeneration, and gives it softness and suppleness. It allows in particular to treat the irritated buttocks of babies. Thanks to its softening and refreshing properties, it calms irritation and helps to heal. Although white kaolin clay is softer than other clays, it also has absorbent properties that allow it to trap impurities, bacteria, and other parasites. It can therefore be used as an antiperspirant in natural deodorants. Thanks to its purifying and absorbing properties, it absorbs impurities and regulates excess sebum from your hair roots. White kaolin clay is widely used in oral products such as toothpaste or mouthwash, especially for its abrasive power which will eliminate bacteria while providing them with whiteness. At the same time, it is recognized for its cleansing properties and helps reduce inflammation and relieve sensitive gums.

Featured in Pink Blossom Face Mask