Lavender essential oil

169,00 kr

Lavender essential oil has a long standing reputation as an universal remedy because of its many properties and verious applications. Overall, lavender is soothing, calming and relaxing. 

It has great effect in massage and bath for muscular and joint pains. A cold compress and massage on the temples relieve most headaches. To combat viruses and symptoms of a cold or flu, lavender oil is best used in a diffuser or through inhalations. For those who have trouble sleeping, a drop or two on the people can help a lot. An excellent insect repellent, lavender also removed the stinging and itching if you get biten. Another popular application is to treat minor burns, cuts and grazes. 

Psychologically, lavender is soothing, comforting and balancing. It helps with mood swings, depression and PMS. It's relaxing effects can be used to facilitate meditation. 

*avoid in early pregnancy


100% pure essential oil

Organic product