145 kr

This essential oil is expressed from the peel of ripe Sicilian lemons. It smells fresh with light, clean top notes and sweet, citrusy undertones. It has many applications based on its various therapeutic properties. It helps to stop bleeding and kills bacteria which makes an excellent addition to first aid wash to treat cuts and scratches. Its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties together with the refreshing scent make it a perfect room deodorant or airfreshener. When used in massage, it cleanses the blood and lymphatic system and it relieves rheumatic conditions, gout and arthritis. In skincare, lemon brightens the complexion and improves prone to acne, oily skin. Psychologically, lemon clears the mind and opens the heart. It can prevent emotional outbursts and improve decision-making. 

100% Citrus limon peel oil* (lemon essential oil)

* product of organic farming

Safety: Most citrus oils are phototoxic. Avoided using them topically 12 hours before exposure to sunlight. Check your sensitivity before using topically.

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