French Red Clay January 06 2023

Red clay gets its native color from its richness in iron oxide, which gives it mattifying properties, revealing a healthy glow. As a mask, red clay revives dull skin and restores strength and radiance to dark hair. It is also possible to use it in make-up on the cheeks for a healthy glow: revived skin radiance and illuminated complexion guaranteed. The illite type is a very absorbent clay, ideal for blotchy skin prone to redness. Adapted to sensitive skin, red clay helps fight rosacea via the circulatory and decongestant action of iron oxide. Also suitable for oily skin and hair with an oily tendency, this clay has cleansing and particularly absorbent properties that help regulate excess sebum. It captures many impurities, bacteria, and other parasites, both in the skin and in the hair. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it will cleanse and detoxify the skin to promote cell renewal and limit the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

In addition, used in clay therapy in cases of hepatitis or anemia, red clay is the reference clay to adopt. Indeed, clay is often used to relieve pain in the liver thanks to its cleansing and detoxifying properties, helping to eliminate waste and relieve the liver in depuration. It is indicated and very effective in cases of hepatitis. Rich in trace elements and particularly in iron oxide, it promotes the reconstitution of red blood cells and thus improves blood circulation, making it possible to fight against iron deficiencies and anemia.

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