French Green Clay January 06 2023

Green Illite Montmorillonite clay is the most absorbent and adsorbent of the clays and it is not for nothing that it is the best known of all clays. Widely used in cosmetic masks, it is also recognized in care against wrinkles and excess sebum. Green clay has regenerating, anti-aging, and healing properties. The results of scientific studies have been very conclusive since the regeneration of cells seems to increase by more than 40% and a mask applied for 20 minutes on the face induces an increase in the elasticity of the skin of 14% on average. Green clay enhances the synthesis of collagen and participates in cell migration. It has absorbent capacities useful for regulating the amount of sebum excreted by the skin. A scientific study has shown an 86% reduction in the amount of sebum after applying a mask for 10 minutes in addition to having interesting anti-inflammatory effects in case of skin problems such as acne. Thanks to its cleansing and absorbent properties, it also limits infection. These properties apply to both skin and hair. The absorbency of clays allows them to clean wounds, burns, bedsores, cysts, or splinters by absorbing impurities and reducing masses. Green clay also has interesting deodorant effectiveness, thus justifying its application as an ingredient in deodorant for example. 

Composed of hydrated aluminum silicates and rich in minerals, it is the major clay to be used in clay therapy. Its particular structure gives it its much sought-after properties: in poultice or clay bath, it relieves rheumatism and helps circulation. In case of rheumatism or back pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of green clay applied in regular poultices help relieve pain due to inflammation. Indeed, its richness in minerals, particularly in silicon, confers a strong remineralizing and anti-inflammatory power. Clay also helps to absorb edemas and hematomas through its absorption capacities. Orally, the water absorption capacity of green clay is very useful in case of diarrhea. It is also used in the composition of several pharmaceutical products. In addition to absorbing water, clay absorbs toxins and pathogenic flora. Clays also have a covering and protective power of the intestinal wall. Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before ingesting clay.

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