Hazelnut Oil January 06 2023

Hazelnuts are the richest oilseed fruits in lipids with many essential fatty acids giving them properties highly valued in food and cosmetics.

Hazelnut oil is gentle, light, and fast-absorbing because it penetrates deeply, reaching the hypodermis and even the muscles. It is very popular to prepare the muscle for training or to relax after exercise. Hazelnut vegetable oil regulates the sebum production of oily skin and softens dry and sensitive skin. That makes it ideal for everyday use for all skin types.

This oil also stimulates hair elasticity and ensures volume. The abundance of unsaturated fatty acids in hazelnuts gives its oil excellent moisturizing and softening properties. With its excellent astringent qualities, hazelnut oil reduces the appearance of large pores. In addition to that, the oil is rich in squalene, beta-sitosterol and vitamin E. Squalene is a highly-effective emollient and a natural antioxidant. This organic compound aids wound healing and skin problems alike. It prevents and fades stretch marks and scars, reverses UV damage, and lightens skin pigmentation, all while fighting free radicals. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that protects our skin and supports its health. It restores the skin tissue from sun damage and speeds up the healing of scars and burns.