Lemon Melissa Essential Oil January 06 2023

Thanks to its calming effects, lemon melissa essential oil is recommended in cases of mood disorders. Its fresh and lemony scent is particularly pleasant in diffusion. This essential oil is calming and sedative of its relaxing action on the nervous system. They reduce states of anxiety and stress and promote sleep, especially for people prone to insomnia. The beta-caryophyllene and the germacrene D contained, lower blood pressure and reduce the cardiovascular risks associated with hypertension. Finally, it calms the palpitations, these heartbeats that have suddenly become noticeable.

Lemon melissa essential oil contains terpene aldehydes and sesquiterpenes which modulate the body's inflammatory response and calm sensations of heat and the resulting redness. These molecules are also antispasmodic so they calm the involuntary contractions of the digestive or respiratory muscles.

Lemon balm oil is an intestinal antiparasitic due to its citral content. It also promotes the normal functioning of the stomach and the expulsion of intestinal gas. Finally, it contains molecules capable of dissolving gallstones and promoting the production of bile by the liver.

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