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Intensely nourishing and fast-absorbing this face oil maintains the skin healthy and supple while giving it a glowing complexion. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, E, and A it improves skin tone and tissue elasticity helping to fade and prevent fine lines. The abundance of vitamin A in rosehip and sea buckthorn oils increases elastin content, promotes collagen formation, and helps delay the age-related breakdown of the skin and underlying tissues. In addition to that, the two oils improve deep wrinkles, UV damage, dark spots, and uneven pigmentation. Avocado oil also supports and strengthens the tissues by protecting the barrier functions of the skin, promote collagen, and encourage cell regeneration, while also calming inflammation. An exquisite blend of six carrier oils and seven essential oils make this product superior to any universal moisturizer. Each ingredient plays an essential role with its unique therapeutic, chemical, or aromatic properties.

How to use: Squeeze a drop on the fingers and apply on clean and damp skin. 

Ingredients: cold-pressed rosehip oil*, cold-pressed argan oil*, apricot kernel oil*, plum kernel oil, jojoba*, cold-pressed borage seed oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, cold-pressed avocado oil*, Rosa Damascena*, blood orange oil*, lavender oil*, frankincense oil*, palmarosa oil*, benzoin oil, vitamin E.

* product of organic farming

Skin types: suitable for all skin types and especially for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin types.

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