Benzoin Essential Oil

Benzoin is a resin obtained from Styrax tonkinensis, an Asian tree that can reach 35 meters high. This tree naturally grows in Laos, Thailand, and northern Vietnam where its resin was traditionally used by indigenous tribes as incense for its sacred virtues. Benzoin resin was also used as a purifying, regenerating, and promoting decongestion of the respiratory tract thanks to its expectorant action. These virtues are still appreciated today and we find today the resin in many dermatological or respiratory balms.

Benzoin, a yellow to brown resin is collected by incising the trunks of trees at least 7 years old. Then an alcohol extraction makes it possible to obtain an absolute - a solution that contains a large proportion of olfactive molecules.

Benzoin is widely used nowadays in perfumery for its balsamic, sweet vanilla, and caramel notes. It is also appreciated as an odor fixative and it is a major component of several major brand perfumes. Its amber fragrance brings sweet, spicy, and oriental notes for a comforting and warming scent. It marries wonderfully with the most beautiful oriental perfumes. Benzoin is a base note in perfumery, which means its smells with the best resistance over time.

If it is appreciated for its fragrance, Benzoin also helps soothe nervous tension and promotes relaxation and meditation. The fragrance of Benzoin acts on the psycho-emotional level by targeting the nervous system. According to people, it will have a calming or stimulating effect. It is particularly recommended in cases of anxiety, depression, fatigue, or difficulty falling asleep.

Benzoin has skin regeneration properties, therefore helps in healing and skin reconstruction of weakened skin. It promotes skin repair, cleansing, and regeneration. This soothing and toning extract helps calm sensitized skin and preserve its suppleness. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and warming effects, this resin participates in the preparation of the muscles for the effort.

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