Avocado Oil

The oil derived from the Avocado fruit is cold pressed from the flesh that surrounds the seed, similar to olives. Given its high nutrient content and multitude of beneficial properties, Avocado oil is a popular ingredient in skin and hair care as well as in cooking.

All layers of skin tissue benefit from its power- it moisturizes and nourishes the outer surface (stratum corneum) while increasing collagen content in the middle layer (dermis). In doing so, avocado oil improves the barrier functions of the skin, strengthens the cells, and calms inflammation. In addition, it effectively heals damaged tissue and prevents the appearance of age spots.

We add it to shampoo bars because of its high content of “unsaponifiables” such as vitamins, phospholipids, and amino acids. Resistant to the saponification process, these compounds render some of the oil’s properties to the shampoo bar resulting in a smooth scalp, stronger roots, and reduction of hair loss. Another reason we love Avocado oil and utilize it in several of our formulas is its high content of carotenoids and antioxidants. They provide natural protection against the damaging effects of sun rays and slow down skin aging.


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