Rosehip Fruit Oil

 Rose hip bush

Pressed from the fruit of wild chilean Rosehips, the oil has been used for centuries. It is considered regenerative and nourishing because of its rich composition with compounds that benefit the skin directly. Most noteworthy of these compounds are the alpha linoleic fatty acid, vitamins A, E, and C as well as tannins, carotenoid, and minerals. The vitamins plays the role of antioxidants that delay the age related breakdown of the cells and nourish the tissue. They also increase elastin and collagen further delaying the signs of ageing.

The tannins add astringent qualities that tighten the pores and make the oil feel more dry. Rosehip oil possess remarkable ability to regenerate damaged tissue and to treat scars and blemishes. Its ability to heal and maintain texture of the skin extends to deep wrinkles, UV damage, dark spots, and uneven pigmentation.

Rosehip oil varies in color from pale yellow to golden orange. Normally the deeper the color the richer is the oil's content of beneficial therapeutic compounds. On the skin, rose hip feels silky and luscious, absorbing quickly and completely - basically, ideal face oil component.

Featured in Rejuvenate Face Oil, Bali Balm and Repair Balm