Borage Seed Oil

 Borage flower

Oh, Borage, what a beautiful, delicate flower. It gifts mankind with precious oil we learned to extract by cold pressing the seeds. This light, pale, liquid stands out in the skin care world with its unique chemical structure and the beneficial properties that result from it. Borage seed oil  boasts the highest content of a Fatty acid known as Gamma linoleic (GLA) that make up a quarter of its composition. Among other things, this relatively rare compound rejuvenates and firms the skin, reducing the effects of aging by preventing wrinkles as well as the loss of moisture and elasticity. The oil also contains various phytochemicals and other nutrients that stimulate cellular activity and reduce inflammation. That makes Borage effective against pain in the joints and soft tissues. Furthermore, it soothes sun damage and protects from free radicals because of the  strong antioxidant Ferulic acid. Another key property of this oil is the dry feeling it renders on the skin due to its lightness and high content of tannins. That also contributes to the astringent nature of Borage expressed through reducing the size of pores and through the overall skin tonic effect.

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