139,00 kr

Peppermint stimulates, restores, and invigorates the body, and mind. It offers a bright, penetrating scent with sharp minty top notes and grassy, camphoraceous undertones. Many consider Peppermint essential oil as one of the best for digestive upsets when gently massaged over the abdomen. It can be effective to cleanse and decongest the skin when used in a facial steam, especially when acne is present. Psychologically, Peppermint is bold, promoting clarity and alertness. It helps alleviate feelings of inferiority and insecurity and can deepen intuitive insight. 

100% Organic Mentha piperita essential oil

Safety: When applied topically use only diluted in carrier oil.
Do not use while pregnant or nursing.
Do not use on children younger than 7 years old.

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