Thyme Borneol Essential Oil January 06 2023

Thyme borneol also called thyme with savory leaves is a shrub that grows on the stony and dry soils of Morocco. The essential oil of thyme with savory leaves is highly concentrated in borneol, alpha terpineol, thymol, camphene, and carvacrol. Carvacrol is a powerful bactericide that helps fight all types of infections including nosocomial infections - infections contracted during a stay in a health establishment - caused by very resistant bacteria. In addition, borneol and terpineol will fight against the development of bacteria sensitive to penicillin. The thymol present will fight against parasites present in the body such as helminths and protozoa. Then, borneol is a powerful immunomodulant that stimulates or slows down the responses of the body's immune system. Thyme borneol essential oil is a powerful tonic, the terpenes stimulate many functions of the body and help to maintain a good general state of shape and to fight against mental, physical, or sexual fatigue. Finally, this essential oil will stimulate sexual functions and therefore sexual desire in addition to increasing the tone of the muscles of the uterus.

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