Shea Butter January 06 2023

From the nuts of the Shea tree, an emblematic tree of the savannahs, Shea butter has been used for centuries by local West African populations. Its nourishing, moisturizing, and protective properties make it very popular in both aromatherapy and cosmetics. Butter is part of the family of vegetable oils because if it is solid at room temperature, it melts at around 35 ° C.

Shea Butter is recognized for its use in cosmetic care, but did you know that it can be consumed in its pure, unrefined, and unscented form? It is generally the African population who consumes the pulp of the fruits in sauce or frying. Very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it contains "good" fats, beneficial for the cardiovascular system. However, like any product rich in lipids, its consumption should be moderate.

The lipids of shea butter constituting the majority, allow it to easily pass the skin barrier and keep the upper layer of the epidermis hydrated, effectively, and durably. Indeed, it is very penetrating and is quickly absorbed by the epidermis. Thanks to its esters, it softens the skin to make it less sensitive to external aggressions while promoting healing. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and hair.

It is ideal in case of crevices or chapping and dermatosis thanks to its rich and creamy texture which gives it anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening, and protective properties. It is also rich in vitamins, A, D, and E, which nourish the skin deeply and accelerate healing. Indeed, shea butter contains a lot of unsaponifiable fatty acids, lupeol, and beta-amyrin known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter helps restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. Its application in massage activates micro-circulation and thus fights against cellulite.

Used in the prevention or after sunbathing, shea butter protects the skin from UV rays and environmental attacks. It absorbs some of the UV rays and prolongs the tan but be careful to use sunscreen, Shea Butter will only strengthen its action. The vitamin E present in this butter has an important antioxidant and cell-regenerating role to counterbalance the effects of the sun but also skin aging. Indeed, this vitamin provides the energy necessary for metabolism to produce cells in large numbers, promoting healing and cell renewal.

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