Rose Geranium Essential Oil January 06 2023

With its sweet dewy and fruity scent, the essential oil of Rose Geranium is very popular for beauty treatments. It makes you forget about wrinkles, acne, herpes, and yeast infections and it is the essential oil of reference for people with diabetes. The essential oil of Rose Geranium is anti-Infectious, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and insect-repellent thanks to its content of geraniol, citronellol, alcohols, esters, and monoterpene aldehydes. Indeed, this essence has strong antibacterial power, in particular against skin infections. It destroys the fungi produced by the yeast spores that cause many yeast infections, and it has a beneficial action against acute and chronic inflammation. Finally, the combination of geraniol and citronellol has a repellent action against all types of insects. The essential oil of Geranium Rosat is tonic, astringent, and healing because it tightens the mucous membranes and skin tissue and accelerates tissue repair, preventing inflammation to enhance the healing action. Finally, the essential oil is an antispasmodic and relaxant because it reduces the involuntary contraction of muscles by inhibiting the secretion of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter of muscle activity. By acting on ion channels and nerve receptors, it has a calming and relaxing action.

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