Rose Flower Extract January 06 2023

The rose is very popular in cosmetics and is used in compositions in different forms: floral water, essential oil, or even as a botanical extract.

In herbal medicine, they are used in herbal teas for their soothing properties in cases of stress and anxiety. You can also find oily macerates or make your own by putting dried petals into vegetable oil for a month. Then, you can apply it on your chest or your wrists for instance. Likewise, have you never seen beautiful photos of rose petal baths? While these baths are popular for their aesthetics, they also give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Finally, the rose brings a sweet floral scent to your cosmetic preparations or your bath.

In case of dry or irritated skin, you can apply an oily macerate or slip a few petals under a compress to benefit from the soothing effects of the rose. The rose calms itching, and skin problems such as eczema, redness, pruritus, and hives. With its soothing and tightening effect, the rose has astringent properties and it is particularly appreciated by dry and mature skin.

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