Pink Clay January 06 2023

Pink clay is a subtle blend of red and white clays for the perfect addition! Like all clays, it has effective absorption properties giving it major cleansing and purifying actions. This very soft clay, as a mask or as makeup, is ideal for scalps and sensitive skin to which it gives a healthy glow! It captures a large number of impurities, bacteria, and other parasites and captures excess sebum both on the skin and on the hair. Its naturally pink coloring is appreciated in make-up on the cheeks for a healthy glow blush. The granulometry of pink clay gives it cleansing and exfoliating properties ideal for gentle exfoliation of the skin. Clay can be used as a mask, for this, it is enough to mix it with a little hot water or vegetable and essential oils to obtain a paste. The preparation can then be applied to the skin or the hair directly. It is recommended to leave it on for 15-20 minutes making sure that the pink clay does not dry out and to do it again once a week. Pink clay is composed of white and red clay, it will promote skin regeneration and fight against rosacea, in particular thanks to its circulatory action. As a hair mask, pink clay cleanses the scalp by regulating sebum production and exfoliating to eliminate dandruff. On the lengths and ends, it helps restore shine and softness to tired hair.

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