Patchouli Essential Oil January 06 2023

Patchouli essential oil reminds us of nature with its oriental and tropical scent, a blend of woody and spicy notes. Thanks to its attractive and erotic scent, and its broad and velvety foliage, Patchouli is full of virtues. From the Lamiaceae family, Patchouli has stunning flowers ranging from white to pale mauve and oval leaves with angular stems. To produce the essential oil, the leaves are picked and then left to macerate. This fermentation phase is essential to extract this very special fragrance, which does not exist when the plant is fresh. 

This essential oil is capable of treating a multitude of ailments. The sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenols contained in this essential oil tone the venous walls and activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, ideal for heavy legs or varicose veins. At the same time, it modulates the body's immune response, thus limiting redness and heat sensations resulting from inflammation, ideal for crevices, bedsores, eczema, acne, or oily skin. Patchouli is a tonic and a stimulant on all the functions of the organism, making it possible to maintain a good general state of shape, in particular, to stimulate the digestive functions, facilitating the normal functioning of the stomach. Patchoulol repels mosquitoes and parasites such as moths. In addition, this essential oil is a tissue regenerator, it prevents contamination of the area by bacteria and inhibits inflammation to promote healing. Finally, it stimulates the keratinocytes, cells of the epidermis producing the keratin which ensures the impermeability and the protection of the skin.

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