Rosa Damascena Hydrosol January 06 2023

With an exceptional fragrance, Damascus Rose is known for its cosmetic as well as therapeutic benefits. Rose hydrosol has an elegant floral and slightly sweet aroma. With its humectant properties, it offers the skin deep hydration by attracting and retaining moisture in the tissue. In addition, it nourishes the skin with vitamin C and boosts collagen production, reducing the premature aging of the tissue. It also tightens the pores, making it a great skin toner. Damask Rose hydrosol is used a lot more than essential oil because it is cheaper and very effective. Hydrosol and essential have similar properties and can be used in menopause. Its soothing power calms eczema, and irritated eyes, but also stress and anxiety. Indeed, rose hydrosol is a nervous rebalancing and releases nervous tension, grief, mourning, and anger. It is also a hormone rebalancing without presenting a hormone-like risk, its slightly antispasmodic effect attenuating premenstrual pain, hot flashes, or excessive sweating. Cosmetic laboratory studies have shown that hydrosol protects cells and limits premature aging of the skin by limiting the production of reactive oxygen species on keratinocytes, and skin cells. The tightening and soothing effect of this floral water is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, the complexion of which it improves, and the appearance of the skin in general. Finally, rose hydrosol is anti-inflammatory and reduces the dilation of blood vessels.

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