Love mood serum

220,00 kr

A mood serum contains carefully selected essential oils dissolved in organic jojoba. A kind of natural perfume - it affects the body physically, emotionally and mentally. 

The aromatic blend in this serum calls for love and inspires an inner sense of beauty, confidence, allure and attraction. The aroma-therapeutic properties of the oils stimulate and energize the body while reducing tension and inhibitions in the mind. The arousing scent is a true aphrodisiac and it mimics human pheromones to arouse and awaken sensuality and positive vibrations.


How to: shake well and apply behind the ears, neck, or wrists. Use it before a date, interview, or when watching TV or reading on a Sunday afternoon. In any case, it feels good. 

ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, organic lavender, yang ylang*, patchouli*, palmarosa*, vitamin E.

*pure essential oils

NB! Essential oils are concentrated substances and work in mysterious ways. For that reason this product should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women just in case!

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