170 kr

A powerful tonic, Rosemary essential oil is reviving, refreshing and strengthening. It offers sharp green top notes and balsamic, herbaceous undertones. The old saying "Rosemary for remembrance" proves correct. It improves concentration and creativity while strengthening the mind. In massage, it relaxes tight, overworked muscles and relieves fluid retention. It has a reputation for improving hair growth and we used it in shampoo as a tonic for the scalp and to prevent dandruff. When used in a burner or diffuser, Rosemary prevents the spread of airborne infections. As a liver tonic, it alleviates hangover when a few drops are added to a bath. Psychologically, it is purifying and stimulating. Rosemary aids meditation by keeping the mind alert and assisting clear thought as well as inner vision. 

It should be avoided throughout pregnancy and by people who suffer from epilepsy. 

 100%  Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil* (rosemary essential oil)

* product of Tunisian organic farming

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