Decorating for the holidays can be so much fun and you don't have to break a bank to make your home or office cozy and festive. In fact natural materials make simple, beautiful and elegant adornments to bring the Christmassy spirit into your interior space. Below you will find tips and ideas for decorating your table, Christmas tree, overall interior space with items you can easily find in the supermarket, the park or the local forest.

Oranges and other citrus fruits

Citruses happen to not only be in now, but they also make a nice addition to your table setting, on a christmas tree or anywhere else you want to level up the HYGGE feeling. 

Use whole oranges to create a beautiful centre piece for the table. All you need is a few of those brightly coloured fruits and some cloves/aniseed. Using a zest knife create your designs and add cloves and aniseed.

Use the peels from already eaten citrus fruits to create ornaments for garlands, wreath or your Christmas tree. All you need is a cookie cutter, orange peels, think needle and a rope. Not sure how to do that? Check out this tutorial.

Dried fruits have been a traditional element in the holiday decor and create classic, yet simple  atmosphere. These pieces make a wonderful decoration as a window/wall hanging, at the holiday table or as an enhancement to your gift wrapping. You can get these already dried but why not make them from scratch and fill your home with the divine aroma of sweet orange? Here is how. 

Evergreen tree branches

We are blessed to live in a city surrounded by nature. When in Oslo you don't need to travel far to find broken evergreen branches on the ground. If you live a small apartment and you don't have much space for a whole tree, branches are your best alternative. Put the evergreens in a vase and place at your table. They not only look good but will also spread a nice Christmasy aroma. Add a couple of ornaments and you are all done. 



Any kind of dry cones from an evergreen tree will look good as part of this natural decoration. They are easy to source and go well with everything. Put them together in a wreath for a stunning centre piece for the table or the front door. Use a hot glue gun to attach the pine cones to each other and to the base of the wreath. Dry cleaning hangers are perfect to use for that. Attach a ribbon or a rope to the pine cone and transform it into an ornament for your Christmas tree or to embellish your window. 


Paper or ribbons

Another crafty way to decorate is by making ornaments from paper or ribbons. Here are instructions for two types of easy paper ornamentation.