Another crafty way to decorate is by making ornaments from paper or ribbons. Here are instructions for two types of easy paper ornamentation. Choose a paper that is not neither too thin, nor too think so it will be easy for you to bend, yet strong enough to sustain some wear and tear.

1 type - lantern

+ Cut strips of paper with the same width, for example 1.5-2cm.

+ You need three lengths, 1 short, 2 medium, and 2 long.

+ Make sure all strips that come in pair (medium and long) have the same length.

+ Hold all strips and staple them on each side

+ Punch a hole on the topside and add a rope


2 type - nesting circles

+ Cut 5-6 paper strips - 11, 13, 15 and 17cm with the same width

+ Punch holes in both sides of all strips

+ Cut a 15cm rope and tie its two ends together

+ Take the shortest strip on one end and try to meet it with the other end

+ Put the rope through the holes in the paper strips

+ Repeat this process with the rest of the paper strips