We can all agree on at least one thing - there is no greater gift than life itself. We exist thanks to our mothers, who gave birth to us and watchfully raised functional human beings. Being a good mom takes sacrifice and dedication, something especially true for new moms. That is why we have included tips for taking care of new moms as written by Kelsi Ludvigsen from her personal experience.

Below you'll find some ideas to spend quality time with your loved ones.

The ultimate Mother's day brunch 

Nothing says "I love and appreciate you" like a homemade meal. Treat your moms to a delicious brunch. The menu we've picked is easy, yet delightful as there is something for every taste.

brunch recipes

  Mothers day flower bouquet

Flowers - always a good idea

Offering flowers has always been the purest gesture from one human being to another. Our dear mothers are no exception. Handpicked or bought from the florist, receiving a blooming bouquet will undoubtedly warm her heart. Whether you assemble the bouquet or go to a professional, keep in mind that each flower carries a certain degree of symbolism according to the kind of plant it is or the physical attributes it offers the world. Research before you commit to showing the recipient of your gift the level of care and attention you devoted to picking the perfect flower arrangement. Choosing seasonal and local helps our environment and support nearby businesses. 

 mothers day bouquet

Roses are a popular choice, and they are widely available all year round. A white rose symbolizes sincerity and purity of heart. Pink rose shows tenderness, and orange stands for admiration. Red roses carry certain romantic notions, so let's just save them for our wives and girlfriends. 

Tulips and other spring flowers are an obvious choice. Tulips represent deep, unconditional love and rebirth, which makes them perfect as a present to your mother or a friend. As with roses, here too, the different colors carry a different meaning. White tulips have a meaning of forgiveness, respect, purity, and honor. Yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness and hope, while pink ones are known for meaning affection, caring, good wishes, and love. 

Amaryllis, for example, is commonly associated with determination and love - both qualities typical for a mom.

Mothers day

Being together

Spending time with your mom is important. Modern lifestyle, the pandemic and the physical distance between grown children and their parents often force us to delay visits or shorten the time we spend with our loved ones. Dedicating your time just to this special person is an excellent way to connect and create new memories. Taking her to a massage with you or massaging her yourself, going out for a walk. You could also do facials at home or cook her favorite meal, there are so many possibilities and just one rule: special attention.

Mothers day mom to be


New moms and mothers to be

Visiting a new mom is even more important and can turn into an amazing experience for everyone as long as you remember to pay attention to her as much as to her baby. It is hard work to take care of a newborn. It will mean the world to her to show that she matters, she is loved. Not sure what you can do, check out Kelsi’s instagram for some tips and our gift guide for new mamas.


Threat her with gifts 

Mother's day is not about nice gitfs, but also about appreciating our her presence in our lives.  "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother." Cherish your mother and the moments spent with her. If you decide to get her something consider your mom's needs, hobbies, and preferences. How about something nourishing and indulging? Below you'll find our suggestions for clean beauty gifts every mother would enjoy.

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