"Becoming a mother is a transformative event, just like puberty." Now with the pandemic, but even before that, postpartum can be isolating time for women. That's why we thought to share some tips from my teacher Kelsi. Her practice focuses on nourishing and caring for new mothers and mothers to be and we're happy to share her knowledge and experience with you.

Here are some of her tips:

+ ask her how is she feeling. It may comes as a no brainer but how often do we forget to ask each other this?!

+ cook her something she loves or drop off her favorite takeout

+ ask her if you can come over and help her with laundry, washing dishes or babysit so she can have a moment for herself

+ massage her hands or neck or feet. A gentle touch with a dose of love and care will certainly brighten her day.

+ encourage her and tell her she's doing a great job

To read more from Kelsi's tips visit her IG. 

Choosing a gift for a new mama can seem easy - cute baby everything. But are those gifts really for her? Here are some of our suggestions for a mindful and useful gifts.

Soothe body balmjojoba oilnourish baby butter 

Soothe balm - this multitasking balm calms the nervous system, promotes restful sleep and makes a wonderful hand cream.

Nourish baby butter - luxurious butter for all body parts with a natural aroma of raw cocoa butter, virgin coconut and almonds. This butter is perfect for sore nipples, growing bellies and perineal massage.

Jojoba oil - another good product to promote the skin's elasticity. This oil resembles our skin's sebum - the oil it produces to protect itself. Jojoba possesses excellent regenerative and toning properties that makes it useful for sore nipples, growing bellies and perineal massage.