Neroli Hydrosol

The bitter orange flowers are the most delicate parts of this tree, giving off very fine aromas. They make it possible to obtain the precious Neroli essential oil and Neroli hydrosol also called Orange Blossom hydrosol, with similar properties but much more flexible to use and less expensive. Widely used in oriental pastries, this hydrosol is popular for its notes of orange blossom. 

Neroli hydrosol is soothing, calming, and an antidepressant-like all sour orange products. It helps to fight against stress, anxiety, and depression and it is ideal in case of emotional shock. Hydrosols are much smoother than essential oils, so it is very suitable for restless children and babies as well as stressed animals. It is nervous rebalancing, which means that it relaxes both the mind and the physical. Its sweet fragrance helps to fight against insomnia or hyperactivity and it brings to the body a wind of serenity. As a tonic lotion, Orange Blossom hydrosol is soothing and rebalances the skin's pH and flora. If it is suitable for all skin types, it will restore radiance to dull skin. It fights inflammation as in acne because of its antibacterial and soothing properties. Neroli hydrosol also contains strong antioxidants that reduce cellular breakdown and slow the aging of the skin. Finally, this hydrosol can help during the withdrawal of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. This hydrosol can be applied to the skin or consumed as is for its therapeutic properties or in cooking to provide an oriental flavor.

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