Bulgarian Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender hydrosol has fresh, floral top notes and slightly green undertones. Like the essential oil, lavender hydrosol possesses wonderful balancing properties harmonizing dry and oily skin types. Lavender Officinalis hydrosol has similar properties to its essential oil and can be used by everyone. It soothes as much the mind as the skin. It can thus calm restless adults and children alike. It is a good choice to use for babies and young children. The presence of linalool and linalyl acetate in this hydrosol promotes relaxation, thus fighting against stress and nervous agitations. It can help you fall asleep with insomnia due to this nervousness or relieve migraines. Lavender hydrosol also calms insect bites, sunburns, heat rashes, cuts, wounds, ingrown hairs, or acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic activity. Indeed, Lavender hydrosol promotes the healing of superficial wounds by accelerating skin regeneration. You can vaporize the hydrosol or freeze it to calm the sunburn fire. In vaporization behind the ears and the neck, the hydrosol keeps lice away or in spraying on the body it keeps fleas and ticks away.

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