Neven’s best-selling face oil - Rejuvenate - honored by an independent panel of judges from North America, Europe, and Australia who selected it as a finalist among over 300 other products for the 2020 Clean Beauty Awards

This annual competition is hosted by a Canada based organization called CertClean and supported by an eminent panel of judges that test the products over a period of a few months. According to CertClean’s website, the objective of these awards is “to celebrate the power of  clean and free-from beauty movement.” In addition, they aim at providing consumers with a “list of products they can truly trust” and at awarding certain brands the distinction they deserve.


The award competition, though open to participants all over the world, has the important prerequisite of accepting only products that are indeed “clean” from harmful ingredients and unequivocally natural. As a result, the initiative sets the standard in this segment of the industry through fair comparison of hundreds of such products that deservingly attracts the attention of individual consumers, media and independent formulators each year.


The creative pair, behind Neven Body Care, shared their secret for the success of their Rejuvenate face oil. “We put our hearts and soul in each product we make, using only ingredients that we trust and can identify with to make that product as authentic and personal as it is to share our story and life experiences through its formulation.” For example, the key ingredients such as single source, Rosa Damascena and Lavender oil echo their Bulgarian roots while others like Sea Buckthorn pays tribute to their Nordic life and residence. Each ingredient in Rejuvenate and is selected for its individual therapeutic and aromatics properties as well as for the unique way it interacts with the rest of the components within the formula. “It was not easy to achieve harmony between all those unique ingredients,” said the Rejuvenate creator, Mila Ducheva, “but the fact that people continuously commend us for the achievement means that we made something good for ourselves and for the world. That makes us extremely happy and grateful to everybody who played and continues to play a role in this.”