ORGANIC BEAUTY AWARDS 2020 April 22 2020

Neven's Rejuvenate face oil has been nominated for best face oil in the Swedish Organic Beauty Awards 2020!

Neven's Rejuvenate face oil

We are honored and grateful that the jury has selected Rejuvenate oil as a finalist in the category "Best facial oil 2020". This is the second time we have ever participated in a green beauty competition and once again, our product reached the final stage. It means a lot that two independent jury panels chose Rejuvenate among the best in its category.

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Organic Beauty Awards 2020

Sweden's first awards for sustainable and organic beauty products, Organic Beauty Awards is run by the non-profit industry organization NOC Sweden. We participate for the first time in the competition's 4th annual edition. The turnout of over 210 products that compete this year seems impressive.  The products are tested and judged for the prize of being the best in one of the following categories: Best face oil, hand cream, mascara, body butter, day cream, hair mask, hand soap, face mask, made in Sweden, lip care, body scrub, men product, blush and oral care.

Neven's best anti-anging product Rejuvenate face oil

What makes Rejuvenate face oil such a success?

One of the most distinguishing features of Rejuvenate and all our products is that they are formulated from us and produced in small batches at our lab in Oslo. We use a technique called synergy, where the final blend of botanicals acts more effectively and comprehensively than the sum of its parts. This concept refers to the subtle interaction of carrier and essential oils with one another to enhance their performance and form the perfect treatment for the prevention and correction of the signs of aging. 

Neven Rejuvenate face oil

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