Welcome September 16 2014

    It has been an exciting year for Neven, as we embarked on transforming our hobby into a business. We want to thank all of our friends and family for their incredible support in the still ongoing process. The transition cannot be easy as there are many things to consider, decisions to be made and most of all, work to be done. However, what keeps us motivated is knowing that people believe in Neven and enjoy using our products. We value your willingness to try home-made cosmetics and appreciate your feedback that helps us grow and improve. We began by crafting natural body care products for our own benefits and in rebellion to the mass produced, full of harmful substances stuff you find in stores. Now, it feels even more rewarding to know that we can share the benefits of what we make with others. 
     Currently, the only physical location we sell at is Blå Sunday Market in Oslo. People can find our products on Etsy, Facebook and, of course, our own online store at www.neven-body-care.com
In the near future we plan to appear in health and vintange stores around town as well as in any place with similar products and a desire for long term partnership. We Will continue to procure the best possible ingridients from different places around the would depending on the particular production in a given country.