Neem Seed Oil

Native to India, the Neem tree has been considered a medicinal plant for over 4000 years as people discovered multiple applications for all its parts. The leaves and twigs become tea while the seeds produce a potent, dark-green oil and meal from the leftover biomass. Neem oil is a powerful medicin that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi,and parasites. It should be diluted with another oil if used topically with various dilutiin rates depending on the condition it is meant to alleviate. Many people use it to treat eczem, psoriasis, and even head lice. In fact, we use it even on plants to help them get rid of parasite like mites and lice.  A strong indicator for the potency of neem oil is the pungent scent with characteristic nutty notes. Even essential oils fail to overpower the strong smell of the oil, so instead we embrace it and try to complement rather than mask it. So, returning to the topical use of Neem- it works as long as treated with the respect and caution any concentrated substance demands. If not, it might cause skin irritation. Internally, however, the damages might be much more severe.  For that reason, people should never ingest Neem oil unless under the recommendation and supervision of qualified doctors or ayurveda healers. Its topical benefits are plenty of reason to include neem in our medicinal collection and incorporate it in natural skin care products. For example, balms or body oils with neem can get rid of athletes foot and serve as an excellent insect repellent - even the fearless mosquitos of south Asia.

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