Lavender Flower Extract

 Lavender is very popular in aromatherapy and is used in cosmetics in different forms: floral water, essential oil, or even as a botanical extract.

If for years they have perfumed wardrobes, lavender flowers are also effective as a sedative to calm states of nervousness and stress. You can find oily macerates or make your own by putting dried flowers into vegetable oil for a month. Then, you can apply it on your chest or your wrists for instance. You can add flowers to your bath for a pure moment of relaxation. It also soothes insomnia and migraines thanks to its peaceful and floral perfume. 

In the summer, if you don't protect your skin enough, you can get sunburns. Apply fresh aloe vera and lavender flowers to your skin for a fresh, soothing, and healing effect. You can also apply it on superficial wounds but prefer to use a disinfectant beforehand. Lavender has healing and disinfecting properties ideal for small wounds thanks to its tannin and linalool content.

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