German Chamomile Extract

This variety of chamomile known as Matricaria or German chamomile makes small white flowers with a yellow receptacle that must be harvested with special combs.

Chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol, molecules present in the flowers, will limit allergic reactions such as itching, skin irritation, or asthma attacks. These molecules inhibit the release of histamine, responsible for itching of the skin during an allergic reaction.

German chamomile's properties to facilitate digestion are great and recognized. The flower compounds protect delicate and sensitive stomachs by activating the hepato-biliary work and the pancreas. The active ingredients of chamomile soothe colic, colitis, difficulty digestion, gastritis, and digestive spasms but also bloating and flatulence. 

German chamomile calms nausea, especially nausea due to pregnancy but only the use in infusion is recommended for pregnant women, who prefer to avoid any other use. This plant also acts on the female cycle by reducing pain during periods and PMS but it also fights against amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

The gentle herbaceous smell of chamomile soothes the central nervous system and calms excessive nervousness and certain migraines. Matricaria chamomile is known to relieve stress, and anxiety and help you fall asleep, especially for people prone to insomnia.

Finally, German chamomile is used in cosmetics to fight eczema or to heal cracks, wounds, or skin ulcers thanks to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Then, it gently lightens the hair to reveal your blonde highlights.

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