Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi essential oil comes from a 30 meters tall, white bark tree with the same name. Now, this species native to the Philippines is endangered thus, its essential oil is quite rare. The essence of this plant is recognized around the world for its many medicinal properties. In ancient Egypt, this essential oil was well-known to preserve dead bodies and join vibrancy to the skin. A green resinous substance called gum is discharged from the tree. Then the essential oil is extracted by distillation. It contains mainly alpha-phellandrene, elemol and elemicin.

Elemi essential oil has healing properties on the skin, it reduces scarring and disinfecting fresh wounds and cuts to prevent infections. Thanks to its toning properties, elemi prevent skin aging, sagging and slows down. Thus, it also rejuvenates sun-damaged skin by increasing cell renewal.

Elemi reduces respiratory issues as bronchitis, sinusitis and inflammation of the mucous thanks to its expectorant properties. To soothe respiratory issues, you can diffuse elemi in your room or for better effects, you can inhale it by adding 2 drops to hot water for steam infusion. In addition, elemi essential oil is antibacterial, antiviral and it boosts the nervous system so it helps prevent those issues. 

Then, this essential oil helps to relax by reducing anxiety, soothing the nervous system and reducing stress. You can diffuse it to lift your mood of the day and to restore harmony between body and mind.

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