Coconut Oil

The unique characteristics of this oil make it an ideal ingredient in cosmetics, especially soapmaking. It also gained popularity because of its health benefits and versatility in the kitchen, especially for baking. Coconuts can be found relatively easily and inexpensive worldwide even though it originates from the tropics. Those factors contribute to the rising global demand while people find even more ways to make use of its beneficial properties industrially and at home. For example, coconut oil can handle high temperatures and its chemical structure make it easy to absorb by the digestive system. It has a whitening effect on the teeth and the main fatty acid gets converted by our bodies to a substance known to kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria. As a saturated oil, coconut has softening, moisturizing and protective properties for the skin. It contains various nutrients like vitamin D as well as other compounds that act as sunscreen. Because of that, many choose coconut to get a deeper tan without drying out or damaging the skin. Coconut oil contributes to both skin and hair when it comes to elasticity and strength. Scalp and hair treatments can be great ways to utilize that aspect of the oil as well as for treating stretch marks or using it in the maintenance of leather products. 

Undoubtedly, coconut seems indispensable to us because we put it in every soap, body butter, and balm. When used for soapmaking, Its ability to produce abundant creamy lather is amazing even in cold seawater. Besides, It contributes to a hard bar of soap that lasts long and has powerful cleansing properties. The ability of coconut oil to act as a solvent and to clean well can make it too powerful, therefore it rarely features as more than 50% of the total oils in a bar of soap. For us, that percentage is about 20 because we love the bubbles and the long-lasting bars, but we do not want our skin to be cleaned so well that it becomes dry. Refined coconut oil makes snow-white soap bars, but for cooking, or balms and lotions, we prefer the cold-pressed, translucent, and highly aromatic version.

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