Cocoa Seed Butter

The deep, authentic scent of this organic, raw butter can be compared only to the most exclusive, artisanal chocolates, and yet, its complexity often surpasses expectations. Opening its storage container immediately releases the magic smell causing waves of positive emotions and memories associated with true chocolate. For those reasons, we vouch to never buy processed, deodorized cocoa butter typically used in cosmetic products. We source the best, unprocessed, food-grade, aromatic block of goodness that everybody benefits from...

Extracted from the flesh and seeds of the cocoa plant pods, the raw butter includes more unsaponifiable compounds including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals that nourish and improve our skin. We use it in whipped body butter, massage bars, and shampoo bars because of its humectant, protective and emollient properties. Rich in saturated fatty acids, cocoa butter is very hard at room temperature, but it conveniently begins to melt by the body’s temperature when handled. Applied directly to the skin, it leaves a thin layer that protects both from harsh sun rays and moisture loss. Because of its composition, the butter is not easily absorbed by the skin. However, that makes it ideal for use during pregnancy or after childbirth to prevent and repair stretch marks.

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