Cera Bellina Wax

Cera Bellina wax is modified beeswax, naturally made by bees. Obtaining beeswax requires little processing as beekeepers melt the honeycombs in boiling water which acts as a filter by allowing solid impurities to sink to the bottom. Then esterification of the free fatty acids forms the more hydrophilic Cera Bellina wax. 

Thanks to its greater affinity with water, it favors emulsion, which means that it allows the formation of mixtures between aqueous liquids and immiscible oily liquids. This natural wax is used to prepare balms and creams with a very supple and creamy texture. It prevents the crystallization of oils and thickens the preparations homogeneously. In addition, it maintains a good dispersion of the components of the products, increasing their shelf life. For example, it maintains the uniformity of pigments in makeup. It is widely used in natural cosmetics in body balms, lip balms, creams, or candles.

Featured in Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli deodorant, Vetiver, and Lemongrass deodorant