Carrot Seed Oil

The carrot is mainly cultivated for its orange root with a slightly sweet taste but it is also cultivated for its seeds from which the essential oil is extracted. The latter is recognized for its skin benefits in case of all kinds of skin problems : acne, eczema, itch, boils but also rosacea, cracks and burns. It also helps prevent skin aging, wrinkles and brown spots by regenerating the skin and mucous membranes. Thanks to its antifungal and bactericidal action, carrot essential oil inhibits the development of dermatophytes, fungi that feed on keratin and are responsible for infections of the skin, hair and nails. It also targets the fungus Alternaria alternata which may be responsible for lung infections. In addition, it is an effective oil in relieving liver pain because it stimulates the liver and bile ducts by regenerating liver cells. Carrot essential oil can be mixed with rosemary essential oil in case of liver failure or cirrhosis to improve its efficiency. Carrot oil can be an alternative to lemon essential oil for its detoxifying effect. Finally, this oil is a neurotonic, hypertensive thanks to its carotol content. This molecule stimulates the cardiovascular system and promotes the contraction of blood vessels. The reduction in the diameter of the vessels causes an increase in blood pressure. In addition, its neurotonic properties stimulate the organism as a whole, ideal in the event of slack or voltage drop.