Argan Kernel Oil

Cold-pressed from the nuts of the Argan tree, this oil deserves its reputation as a “Liquid gold”- a perfect treat for skin and hair. Historically, the fruits of the tree have fed livestock long before man discovered the anti-aging and regenerative properties of the oil. The so-called “argan goats” skillfully climb into the trees to munch on the nuts looking happy and amazing.

The benefits Argan oil offers humans are even more impressive, numerous, and well-proven. Indigenous to Morocco, the trees adapted to the harsh environment thriving in desert conditions. The oil performs similar moisturizing, restorative, and protective functions for people by increasing the elasticity of skin and hair, as well as their resistance to strong sun, heat, and dry air. Because of its lightness, argan oil soaks into the tissue without feeling greasy. Emollient and nourishing, this precious liquid plays a role in regulating sebum production making it ideal for treating problematic skin including acne, scar tissue, and stretch marks. Argan oil improves the scalp and overall condition of the hair in some cases even promoting its growth

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