350 kr

Long-lasting and sustainable these makeup bags are designed with the environment in mind. Using upcycled textiles from factory leftovers, Grumpy Gabu creates timeless accessories for the contemporary city dweller and traveler.

Features and materials:
-Constructed from leather details and alcanatara;
-Fully lined interior in cotton;
-Height: 11 cm;
-Width: 10 cm;
-Length: 21 cm;

How to take care of Your Grumpy Gabu?

Although, Grumpy Gabu is an extremely reliable and durable product and will serve you faithfully throughout your wildest adventures, none of the exterior parts of our products are washable. If the linen gets dirty, we suggest to pull it out and wash it manually. If the outside material, such as nylon, alcantara or polyester needs cleaning, use the soft side of a sponge soaked with a little bit of water and gently rub the dirty parts until clean.

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